All movies at these capital region theaters are $3 on Saturday!

After two difficult years during and after the pandemic, people are finally coming back to movie theaters. It’s been nice to have big summer blockbusters lighting up screens and electrifying audiences again.

There were serious questions about whether theaters would come out of the pandemic with at-home competition and lockdown restrictions, but now theaters are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To celebrate a great summer and thank moviegoers, there will be an unprecedented “thank you” across the country.

Happy National Film Day

The National Movie Day logo on Saturday, September 3, 2023. Participating theaters will show all movies for $3.

The Film Foundation

The nation’s largest chains join forces with local and independent theaters to say thanks by lowering ticket prices to $3 this Saturday, September 3. This herculean gathering was orchestrated, or should I say directed, by The Cinema Foundation, and even includes films in IMAX and other premium formats.

“This day is for movie lovers across the US, celebrating how movies are meant to be seen on the big screen” – Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer, Regal Cinemas

What movies can you watch for $3?

Easy: any movie that plays on Saturday! You could watch any movie that is currently playing in theaters, like Top Gun: Maverickthe last minionseither Bullet train. There are also special offers for National Film Day.

For any Marvel fan, the $3 weekend also coincides with the theatrical re-release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which originally came out in December. If you love the classics, some theaters will be showing jaws (hot on Long Island this summer, from what I hear) and the 1958 monster movie, The drop.

Where can you see a $3 movie on Saturday?

According to the National Movie Day website, these are the Capital Region movie theaters offering $3 tickets all day Saturday.

  • madison theater
  • Emblematic Specter 8
  • Regal Clifton Park and RPX
  • Real and IMAX Cross Doors
  • Regal East Greenbush
  • Bow Tie Movieland 6
  • Regal Colony Center and RPX
  • Images Cinema
  • AMC Saratoga Springs 11
  • royal aviation mall

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