Alaskan Bush People’s children have unique real names that are based on their personalities

The Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People has fans hooked on the history of the Brown family and many also love the unique names of the Brown children.

The reality show has built a strong fan base since its premiere in 2014. Many fans have now followed the Brown family’s life story through thick and thin for eight years.

The Discovery show is currently airing its 14th season. However, fans are still blown away by the creativity of Alaskan Bush People parents Ami and Billy Browns when it comes to naming their children or, as they call it, his ‘wolf pack’.

Alaskan Bush People’s Unique Boy Names

Ami and Billy, whose full names are Billy Bryan Brown and Amora Lee Branson Brown, have seven children.

The eldest is Matt, who is no longer a cast member on the show. Matt’s full name is Matthew Jeremiah Brown. Next in line is Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown aka Bear.

Bam Bam is the third son of Ami and Billy and his real name is Joshua Bam Bam Brown.

Gabe and Noah have the most classic names of all the Brown brothers. Gabe’s full name is Gabriel Brown and Noah’s is Noah Darkcloud Brown.

Next in line is Bird, whose real name is Amora Jean Snowbird Brown. Then comes Rain with the most unique real name of hers among the Brown siblings Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown.

The meaning behind the peculiar names of the brothers

As reported by, Bear’s nickname comes from his personality and penchant for hunting. Fans have seen Bear hunting fresh meat to support his family.

Furthermore, Bear is also an expert tracker and loves the outdoors.

According to the Discovery Channel, as reported by Outsider, Bird has increasingly adopted his name as his love of animals has continued to grow over the years. The Alaskan Bush People star has kept cats, dogs, turtles, squirrels and frogs as pets.

Deer watching is also one of his favorite pastimes.

The last episode of Alaskan Bush People was emotional

The youngest of all, Rain, had some emotionally harrowing moments in the last episode. She noted in his confessional sitting next to Bird who was starting to get “really down”.

The sister’s journey in the water was especially difficult for Rain, who was seen collapsing. When she met her mom Ami and her brother Gabriel, a bright smile returned to her face.

But Rain once again burst into tears while hugging mom Ami.

His older brother, Bam Bam, noted that Bird and Rain are “true browns” and are capable of facing many hardships.


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