Al Hosn App: Visitors and tourists can register on the Al Hosn App in 7 easy steps before arriving in the UAE

The health industry in the United Arab Emirates is working very hard to keep its residents, visitors and tourists safe.

In the United Arab Emirates, the Covid situation is starting to stabilize as daily cases have fallen sharply in recent weeks. The travel industry in the United Arab Emirates is gradually returning to normal. To ensure the safety of its citizens and visitors, the nation’s health care sector is making remarkable efforts.

Al Hosn is the name of the official Covid app for the UAE. Visit Abu Dhabi recommends that tourists download and register for the app before their trip. It will ensure your safety and make traveling to Abu Dhabi easy and safe.

How is the Al Hosn app used in the UAE?

Only people with a “green” status on the Al Hosn app are allowed to enter most public spaces and attractions in the UAE capital city. A negative PCR test result is required every 14 days for travelers who have received the green status vaccination. Every two days, unvaccinated travelers should receive a negative PCR test result.

What is the procedure to register on the Al Hosn app before they arrive in the UAE?

The procedure to register on the Al Hosn app before they arrive in the UAE is as follows:

  • Download the Al Hosn app
  • Click on the ‘visitor’ icon
  • Select ‘register’
  • Fill in your necessary data. Make sure that the mobile number you enter matches the one you will give to the ICP when you arrive in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Review the information you’ve provided, then continue.
  • Type in the six-digit OTP that was sent to your smartphone.
  • After arriving in the UAE, confirm your profile.

What is a green pass?

Every seven days, visitors with a valid vaccination exemption must submit the results of a negative PCR test to maintain their “green” status. Children under the age of 12 automatically receive green status without a PCR test or vaccination.

note of caution

The app has advised users to be careful when sharing their Al Hosn green pass online.

The green pass comprises sensitive personal data, which can be exploited and misused if shared inappropriately, according to a tweet from the app’s official account.

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