After Cocaine Bear and Meth Gator, now we present the trailer for ‘Crackcoon’: a raccoon eats drugs and becomes a killing machine

An upcoming horror thriller titled crackcoon is inspired by the hit horror comedy film by Elizabeth Banks cocaine bearwhich was written and directed by Jimmy Warden.

Although not much is known about crackcoonrumored to be quite similar to cocaine bearwhich was loosely based on the true account of cocaine bear, an American black bear who ate nearly 75 lb (34 kg) of stray cocaine. Crackcoon’s producers are crossing their fingers that their dark film is as well received by critics and viewers as it is. cocaine bear was.

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Still from 'Cocaine Bear'
Still from ‘Cocaine Bear’

Raccoon turns into a killing machine in crackcoon

The movie crackcoon which will make its way to audiences after the success of Cocaine Bear will reportedly center on an innocent raccoon who transforms into a killing machine and terrorizes the locals and campers of a mountain community after ingesting an altered street drug. Synthetically than a drug dealer running from the police lying in the woods.

Crackcoon frame
Still from ‘Crackcoon’

The official synopsis for the film reads: “When a drug dealer dumps a synthetically altered street drug in the woods during a car chase with the police, the consequences turn out to be nothing short of horrific when an innocent raccoon eats it, transforming it into a nightmarish killing machine straight out of the mountains. bowels of hell With unsuspecting campers, tourists, and residents of a mountain community very close to the epicenter, no one is safe from the monster’s relentless rampage.”

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fans react to crackcoon

As soon as it was reported that a movie titled Crackcoon would be releasing soon, fans chimed in to share their mixed reactions about the movie. One user wrote, “I just think about all the movies that don’t exist because of cost and budget. Yet somehow this one got the green light every time. Hollywood is a scam.” Another user shared the sentiment as he wrote, “Why do we have an animal universe of cocaine?”

One Twitter user reacted by saying: “Is this now the DCU-Drug Cinematic Universe?” Another user mentioned that there’s no way this movie is going to hit theaters, noting that the trailer looks like it was made as a high school drama project, to which someone responded by explaining that usually spin-offs as these are not intended for theaters. but more like for Pluto or Tubi. The user added that it was going to be a very funny movie.

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who stars crackcoon?

the cast of crackcoon includes Rosaria Eraso, Justin P. Martin, Gary Lee Vincent, Jessa Flux, Angel Bradford, Tim Hale, Morrigan Thompson, Hunter Redfern, Chris O’Brocki, John A. Russo, Tom Hoover, and George Stover.

Youtube video

This month will mark the end of crackcoonand Fuzzy Monkey Films anticipates releasing the film in late 2023. It is unknown if the film will play in local theaters as cocaine bear did. Fans are curious to see if this independent project will be able to succeed as cocaine bear or it will be a disappointment.

cocaine bear it is now broadcasting on Peacock.

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