AET Remould Unveils New Limited Release Sunny Ceramic Luxury Watches

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The watchmaking geniuses at AET Remould introduce two new models as part of their Impressions Collection. Called Bergen Sunrise and Hawaii Sunset, these exquisite timepieces are designed to celebrate the captivating natural beauty of Bergen and Hawaii, respectively. Limited to just 12 pieces each, these one-of-a-kind timepieces will be exclusively available to purchase on the official AET Remould website for a limited period of one week, starting May 20, 2023.

Introducing the Bergen Sunrise and Hawaii Sunset models, inspired by the stunning natural beauty of Bergen, Norway and Hawaii, USA. These watches elegantly capture the essence of their respective locations through stunning gradient designs.

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The Bergen Sunrise and Hawaii Sunset models feature a pure, seamless aesthetic, as both the case and strap are made of premium white ceramic. This high quality ceramic material improves its appearance and saves weight. When worn, the watches feel remarkably smooth and warm, similar to the smoothness of jade.

The production of ceramic components requires knowledge and experience due to the complexity of ceramic processing techniques and the craft involved. The inherent brittleness of ceramic material presents challenges during the manufacturing process, particularly when shaping and sizing the ceramic case and strap. Precise design and advanced manufacturing technology are essential to meet the demanding requirements.

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The creation of the pristine white ceramic case and strap involved significant investment and meticulous manufacturing by AET Remould. Extensive research was carried out to develop advanced high-tech techniques tailored to your requirements.

For example, the ceramic material was carefully sintered at temperatures above 2,550 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure consistent, consistent color throughout. After the curing process, each line, angle and bevel was meticulously hand-finished to achieve a flawless ceramic texture.

(AET Recast)

The two new models from AET Remould display a stunning fusion of design, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Beyond being stunning accessories, these watches have the status of precious collectibles: the brand’s other models have been worn by rapper Rick Ross, real estate consultant Karim Haddad and soccer player Javier Hernández Balcazar. Their limited availability adds to their appeal, making them rare and highly sought after among watch collectors.