Achieve Your Virgin River Season 4 Dreams With These 30 Adventure Essentials

With so much lifestyle inspiration from “Virgin River,” we needed to create a process and structure to ensure a stellar (and totally fun!) product roundup. We approach it with genuine gratitude as we are huge fans. Also, we definitely contributed to Netflix’s stats, which include 20,470,000 cumulative viewing hours for “Virgin River” Season 4.

For this unique story, which combines trends from the show’s success with a surge in global travel, we used travel trends research as a starting point. For example, the 2022 Global Travel Trends Report published by American Express indicates that 75% of respondents are eager to confirm travel plans, even if those plans need to be adjusted in the future. Additionally, 62% of that audience is planning two to four getaways, excursions or vacations in 2022. We combine this with data on travel industry trends, which show that people are looking for more getaways off the grid, reconnecting with nature and immersive experiences and learning experiences are in high demand, according to the Independent and Condé Nast Traveler.

Lastly, we worked with a team of twelve travel industry experts, including Swasti Sarna, Global Director of Data Analytics at Pinterest, who provided critical data on current user search trends. Within the travel blogging community, Megan Wilson, author of Sweet Sauce Blog, brings more than 15 years of experience, and Jennifer Walsh, who founded Walk with Walsh and recently published in the New York Times, specializes in wellness experiences. outdoor. Chantelle Hartman Malarkey brings a wealth of knowledge as a lifestyle expert, specializing in travel, style, and interior design. Deepening the breadth of travel industry knowledge, Melissa Rosenfield’s 15 years of experience includes working with major hotel brands such as Viceroy Hotel Group, Marriott Brands, and the famed Rockefeller Center. She founded IFP Communications and is the world’s first Vibe director.

They are joined by Migle Rakauskaitė, Chief Growth Officer of Tinggly, an experiential gift company, Nate Axvig, co-owner of Scandinavian clothing store Aktiv, Kat Jamieson, founder of travel app With Love From Kat, Michaela Guzy, founder of Oh The People You Meet, Zach Bell, co-founder and CEO of home-sharing app MyPlace, and finally the husband-and-wife travel team of Necota and Sonya Staples, founders of travel company Staples InTents.

So, let the expert-led adventure begin!

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