A weather app ‘Weather Screen’ with over 5 million downloads

In recent days, it is difficult to predict the weather conditions. That is why the demand for a specialized weather app is increasing to check weather conditions in advance and respond to them quickly.

In such a situation, ‘Weather Screen’ weather forecast app attracts a lot of attention all over the world. It has already surpassed 5 million downloads and is currently expected to reach 10 million downloads soon.

The ‘Weather Screen’ app provides real-time notifications that alert users to severe weather conditions like rain, heat waves, and extreme temperature differences to help them not miss any weather forecasts. And by displaying the weather on the main screen of the user’s smartphone, the ‘Weather Screen’ allows users to check whether it is very easy. In addition, it provides various information such as fine dust levels, wind speed, humidity and precipitation. (If you are an IOS user, you can use various widgets.)

‘Weather Screen’ app also provides 3-day live radar based on ‘Windy’s’ accurate weather radar. Also, it is equipped with a unique function designed to provide hourly temperature to compare today’s weather with yesterday’s, unlike other apps like ‘The Weather channel’ and ‘AccuWeather’. In addition, as it recommends perfect garments for the current climate, it improves the comfort of the user.

An official from ‘Weather Screen’ said, “Amid global weather anomalies that are difficult to predict, we make continuous efforts in our research and development to emerge as the essential weather app for safety.” He added, “We will also strive to respond to different weather conditions through our app for the safety of our family and ourselves.”

Recently, various climatic anomalies, such as heavy rains and localized droughts, are continuously increasing. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for accidents in advance through a specialized weather application that is displayed on the main screen.

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