$800 million Dwayne Johnson lost two hundred thousand dollars a day for three weeks after his loss against John Cena in 2013

Dwayne Johnson last had a major match in WWE for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013. On that WWE show, he had two headlining matches with John Cena at WrestleMania 28 and 29. But the biggest stage match in 2013 made him lose. left injured. His father, the late Rocky Johnson, once shared that The Rock lost six figures for three days in a row after his loss to ‘The Cenation Leader’.

No wonder ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment’ always says that it’s not easy to fight and act at the same time. His late father gave an adequate synopsis of its repercussions.

Rocky Johnson once shared how Dwayne Johnson lost big against John Cena


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A few years ago in 2017, Rocky Johnson appeared in an interview with Hannibal TV. While discussing his son’s WWE career and acting, she recalled DJ’s match with John Cena. He shared how much the 10-time world champion lost due to his absence due to injury.

Johnson said, “It will be crazy to come back. He likes to meet the boys, talk to them, help them. But as far as getting in the ring while under contract, he can’t anyway. Because the last time he fought Cena at WrestleMania he got a hernia.”

The soul man added: “He had to have emergency surgery. They had to close the set for three weeks, it was costing him $200,000 a day.”

The Rock and also John Cena in recent years have shared how his injury will cost them their movie careers. This is why they don’t wrestle full time during an active performance schedule. Back then, Cena didn’t know this and called Johnson out for being away from WWE.

However, in recent days, the 16-time world champion has accepted that it was his fault for calling out DJ. Now that he’s an actor himself, Cena understands why The Rock was away from WWE. Even Rocky Johnson knew it and shared in this interview with the desire to work in his son’s film.

The Soulman would have loved to work in a The Rock movie


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DJ is an action hero and we love him for all the scenes he does in the movie. Initially though, the $800 million star didn’t do all action movies as some of his movies were of different genres. Similarly, one of the movies based on real life, Gridiron Gang, was his father’s favorite.

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The former WWE Tag Team Champion shared in the same interview that he would have loved to work on this movie. The film greatly inspired The Soulman and is therefore his son’s favorite film.


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