8 great mobile apps to break your worst bad habits

Bad habits are not easy to break, though they can negatively affect your health, disrupt your life, and waste your time. The good news is that apps can help you get rid of your bad habits and perhaps replace them with some good ones. Learn more about mobile apps that can help you break some of the most common bad habits.

1. Beat procrastination with Forest

One of the worst habits is procrastination, which can be caused by stress, poor time management, or feeling overwhelmed. Forest app is one of the best productivity tools to help break this bad habit. The Forest app adds a fun gamification element to overcome procrastination, which can make it easier to maintain your productivity habit.

To get started, plant a tree and focus on the selected task, whether you are working, studying or resting. As you work hard and avoid distractions, your tree continues to grow until you grow your own forest. Also, the app features various modes and you can even add ambient sounds.

Discharge: Forest for iOS ($3.99) | Android (free, subscription available)

2. Stop consuming too much sugar with Sugarfree

You can find sugar in almost everything you eat, even items you think are healthy. According to research in Advances in Nutrition, sugar can cause obesity and diseases like type 2 diabetes. Sugarfree is a lovely app that can help you on your sugar-free journey.

To track and record your sugar intake along with how you feel, simply tap Check in in the application From here you can monitor your positive and negative symptoms and be aware of how it is affecting you each day. The app even comes with some extra challenges, like cutting out fast food and soda.

Discharge: Sugar Free for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

3. Stay focused instead of being distracted by your phone

While using an app on your phone is a great way to change your bad habits, constantly checking your phone several times a day is usually not a good thing. To avoid the distractions of social media, emails, and texts, use the Stay Focused app.

Stay Focused works by restricting and blocking specific apps, websites, and keywords. The best thing about the app is that pretty much everything in it is customizable. Some of the key features of the app include the ability to set a usage time limit, a quick lock, and a standby timer. You can even set a sleep timer to completely block your phone usage.

Discharge: Stay Focused for Android (Free, subscription available)

4. Get a 7-Minute Workout Instead of Sitting for Hours

Sitting for excessive periods might be the worst habit yet! An article in Diabetologia says that sedentary people have a higher risk of diabetes and other health problems. 7 Minute Workout is a simple fitness app that will keep you active at work or at home. Plus, you don’t need access to any fancy exercise equipment to get the workouts done.

The 7 Minute Workout app is simple and consists of six different workouts, including a 30-day challenge, a leg workout, and a sleep stretch. Each workout consists of 12 basic exercises and lasts no more than seven minutes. Not sure how to do an exercise? Tap the video camera icon to watch a video demo on YouTube.

Discharge: 7 minute workout for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

5. Use TalkLife to avoid getting stuck in a bad relationship

Whether it’s from a friend or a partner, saying goodbye is never easy. However, it may be necessary if you just stay in a bad relationship out of habit. To help you fight your bad habits, use TalkLife to chat with an online community of caring people in one safe place.

With the TalkLife app, you can create a post and share it with others you can relate to. To get started, choose a mood and a category. Then vent your feelings and have conversations with a positive community of real people. You have the option to easily filter and find posts based on various categories, from relationships and friends to self-care and depression.

Discharge: TalkLife for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

6. Avoid overeating with Ate Food Journal

Overeating is just one of many bad eating habits. It can be triggered by stress, depression, and boredom in front of the television. The Ate Food Journal app is the tool you need to support you in kicking the habit of overeating.

The Ate Food Journal app works by promoting mindful eating, which focuses on a number of factors: why you ate, how you felt, where you ate, and more. Play Capture to record your feelings, activity, water, notes and of course meals. You can then experiment with different eating techniques, such as putting down your phone while you eat or eating with smaller utensils.

Discharge: Ate Food Diary for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

7. Stop biting your nails with NailKeeper

Nail biting is a common bad habit that can last a lifetime and be extremely difficult to break. To help you stop biting your nails for good, try NailKeeper, one of the easiest and most painless apps to use. The NailKeeper app allows you to keep track of how many days, hours, minutes and seconds have passed since you stopped biting.

Also, you can take before and after photos to see the difference in your nails and motivate yourself. There’s also an overview of your stats, including streak days, relapses, pictures, and nail growth. In addition, the app offers useful tips on how to stop biting your nails and tricks to help your nails grow.

Discharge: NailKeeper for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

8. Get help overcoming insomnia with Sleep Monitor

Lack of sleep not only makes you feel tired, but it can also lead to serious health problems. An article in Current Cardiological Reviews states that lack of sleep can negatively affect your immune system, blood pressure, and mental health. Sleep Monitor is an amazing sleep tracking app that is your best bet for a good night’s rest.

By tracking your sleep trends, such as the overall duration, efficiency, and regularity of your sleep, you can develop better nighttime habits. The app is simple: set an alarm, record any sleep factor, choose an optional soothing lullaby, and tap start suspension. Every morning, the app breaks down a full log of your sleep, including noises captured during the night.

Discharge: Sleep monitor for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

Use your smartphone to break your bad habits

Often, it can be hard to break bad habits. After all, habits are something you do regularly, sometimes without even realizing it. Whether you want to sleep more, eat less sugar, or stop procrastinating once and for all, you may need a tool to give you that extra push.

Fortunately, with the help of your smartphone along with some helpful apps, you can start building a better lifestyle and kick those pesky bad habits.

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