7 Sonic games that need to be made

Like most of the mascots of the big franchises, Sonic has participated in a lot of spin-offs. These range from various versions of races to Sonic taking on Mario in different Olympic events. However, these have also given Sonic the opportunity to explore new genres like RPGs and new scenarios like in the Storybook series.

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But frankly, that’s not enough. There are plenty of other types of games that Sonic could easily excel at. And the eight that appear on this list are the ones that lend themselves to what Blue Blur is.


7 Horror

This is probably the strangest idea on this list. Sonic games are always a beacon of positivity and ’90s freshness. How much fun would it be if we took these cute cartoon characters and put them in a grim horror setting? Not that Sega hasn’t done something like this before.

While the horror games associated with Sega are House Of The Dead and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, the scariest game they’ve released is easily Ecco The Dolphin. You think you’re playing a sweet game about being a dolphin, but finally you’re up against some of the scariest deep-sea creatures you’ve ever seen. Why not do the same with Sonic? Start in a Green Hill Zone type area and watch the world break down and become more dangerous around you.

6 More sports games

One of the easiest ways to do a spinoff is to take a franchise and put all the characters in a popular sport. This has worked multiple times with Mario, and that doesn’t even include the Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games series. And while Sonic has had plenty of sports games, they don’t really take advantage of what the Sonic universe has to offer.

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Most of the Sonic sports games are stationary like bowling, table tennis, darts and even more. Not only does this not take advantage of the speed associated with the franchise, it doesn’t utilize all of the characters that Sonic has to offer. Don’t you want to see Tails play basketball in a full game? Sonic playing soccer? Big the Cat playing soccer? These would be absolutely delicious and fun to play with.

5 dance rhythm game

One of the strangest Mario spin-offs was Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. While Mario is quite acrobatic, he is not necessarily a character associated with dancing. That goes for Sonic. Not only does he break dance when he gets a good grade on a level, but the Sonic games have some of the best music in gaming history.

It would be so easy to put some Sonic characters in a game like this, and the fans would love it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to break the pad and make some moves to live and learn or escape from the city? It’s seriously a missed opportunity.

4 roller coaster tycoon

One of the funniest things about Sonic is that its main villain, Dr. Eggman, is a megalomaniacal genius who, for some reason, loves building evil theme parks. So why not lean on it? Let’s mix it with RollerCoaster Tycoon and have EggmanLand Tycoon!

Eggman already has a puzzle game named after him, so give him a theme park simulator! It would basically be like building those death parks that everyone used to do where the roller coasters had just finished and the visitors would perish in a cloud of explosions. Give the whole park a volcanic theme and make all the patrons look like cartoon animals.

3 2D fighting game

Yes, Sonic has already had a fighting game with the aptly named Sonic The Fighters, but that was an odd-looking 3D fighter with slow controls and basic gameplay. The look of him was unique, but he has not stood the test of time and is often forgotten. One way this could be much more memorable is with a fast and beautiful 2D fighter.

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The 2D graphics would lend themselves to much more detail with the different Sonic characters. On top of that, a 2D fighter is much more likely to emphasize fast-paced combat, which would work really well with the Sonic cast. On top of that, this would really support the different playstyles and personalities of the Sonic characters that have been established in the Sonic Adventure series. This could be a lot of fun and would definitely get fans talking.

two Metroidvania

One of the really fun things about 2D Sonic games is the different paths you can take to the end of the level. There are many different scenarios in each level which makes them fascinating to explore. It’s that same sense of exploration that makes Metroidvanias so much fun.

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Exploration in Sonicvania could be done with classic power-ups, similar to the wisps from Sonic Colors, but it would probably be more interesting if you unlock different characters throughout the game to access different areas. Sonic can run fast, Tails can fly long distances, Knuckles can scale walls, and Shadow can freeze time. This would be a great way to take the 2D Sonic formula and expand on it.

1 Only the garden Bye

This may be cheating, but it still doesn’t make sense that Sega hasn’t released a standalone Chao Garden game. Sonic Adventure 2 may now have a mixed reception among fans, but everyone can agree that Chao Garden was a fun and charming distraction. Getting to breed the different Chao and put them in competitions was great!

This can be done very easily by turning Chao Garden into a mobile game. It would be the perfect companion for long car trips or breaks at work. Seriously, if they can make a Magikarp breeding mobile game, why can’t Chao Garden be put on iPhones? He won’t be in Sonic Frontiers and honestly, we need him.

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