7 games to play if you miss Super Mario 64

While Super Mario 64 has continued to have a surprising amount of popularity today for a game so old, especially among the online speedrunning community, that many fans have left it behind. While The Super Mario Bros. movie may have reminded many Mario fans of this classic entry, they may prefer to look for newer games than this classic.

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Fortunately, Super Mario 64 inspired many games, both those that followed it in the Mario franchise and others that were not related to the Italian plumber. Fortunately, in a world filled with great remakes of classic games, there are many games that are reminiscent of the games of yesteryear with updated, modern graphics and capabilities that go beyond the much-loved drag racing classic.



7 Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

A screenshot of Crash Bandicoot dancing alongside Aku-Aku in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

For fans of old-school platformers who want a more modern gaming experience than what the originals currently offer, the N. Sane Trilogy could be perfect. crash bandicoot The original adventures were a great addition to the platforming genre, and even though the difficulty is higher than many modern gamers are used to, they’re still a lot of fun in a simple yet engaging way.

He N. Sane Trilogy is notable since the first of the three included games came out in 1996, the same year as Super Mario 64. While there are definite stylistic differences between the games, both are very reminiscent of the platforming scene of the mid-’90s.

6 Yooka Laylee

yooka laylee

Another game series that was much loved by game fans like Super Mario 64 was the Banjo-Kazooie franchise. While this series hasn’t been updated recently, there is a much newer colorful platform that has generated a lot of comparisons from fans and critics to the style of Banjo-Kazooie.

Yooka Laylee is a 3D platform game that is expressed in a similar way to Super Mario 64, but with a modern style since the game was released in 2017. Originally funded through Kickstarter, this game broke records on the site for reaching the goal in forty minutes. The simple but delicious plot of Yooka Laylee follows a chameleon and a bat who try to retrieve a magical book from an evil company. Yooka-Laylee has been highly praised since its release for its fun and retro platforming style, and even managed to get a sequel titled Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.

5 super mario odyssey


One of the best examples of a more modern version of the Super Mario 64 The style of the Mario franchise itself is surely super mario odyssey. Also released in 2017, this game followed Mario and his new smart hat partner as they traveled across different worlds in search of Bowser, who stole Peach and intends to marry her.

With some plot points similar to The Super Mario Bros. moviewhich was released recently, fans will surely be excited to try this game out or revisit it if they miss Super Mario 64. Level design in the exploratory format of Super Mario 64 will be a big part of the appeal of super mario odyssey for fans of the classic game, but with several new mechanics, Odyssey manages to bring something new to the franchise while listening to the Super Mario 64 style.

4 New Super Lucky’s Tale

New Super Lucky's Tale Lucky the fox in a lovely green setting

For fans of the level design style of Super Mario 64, New Super Lucky’s Tale it’s a great opportunity to explore colorful platforming worlds in a similar way. a new version of super lucky tale with a number of improvements over the original, New Super Lucky’s Tale it is about a fox named Lucky who moves through various worlds using the Book of Ages.

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Lucky has to stop a rejected member of the Guardian Order, of which his sister and parents are members, from taking the Book of Ages for himself. While the original game had some flaws, the new version has been highly praised for its level design and platforming style, making it a perfect new game to try. Super Mario 64 fans.

3 psychonauts 2

Cover of Psychonauts 2

For a story that’s told in a very different way than any Mario, but still contains many of the similar platforming mechanics that players of those games will be familiar with. The new psychonauts The sequel is a long-awaited return to the world of the psychic task force and the young apprentice, Raz, who enters the minds of other characters in an attempt to unravel a mystery.

This clever story provides an easy way to send Raz through a wide range of level styles and makes it easy to introduce different mechanics to different minds. With high praise for the level design and platforming, psychonauts 2 it’s a great game for Super Mario 64 fans looking for a stylistic departure from the familiar.

2 Bowser’s Fury

Mario falling in front of Bowser breathing fire in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Released in 2021, Bowser’s Fury it was a new part Mario franchise that pits Mario against Bowser while his nemesis was under the control of a black sludge. Mario embarks on an adventure to save his enemy from the mud in a game that has been described by fans as a version of super Mario Odyssey, which incorporates elements of super mario world 3d.

This extra content isn’t the longest new Mario game out there, but it’s a really fun addition to super mario world 3d for fans of the style of both that game and Super Mario 64. Mario fans won’t feel complete without adding a win over Bowser’s Fury to his repertoire.

1 a hat in time

The player finds thread to sew new hats

Another platform game that was released in 2017, a hat in time is a retro-style platform game that has been compared by fans and critics to Nintendo 64 platform games, including Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. The game is about Hat Girl, who tries to collect clocks to return home.

The adorable animation style may remind fans of old school games more of Kirby on Mariobut the gameplay is fun, and the different levels are a delightfully colorful mix of various playstyles, which will be very enjoyable for fans of games like Super Mario 64.

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