6 Disney wallpaper apps for phones and tablets

The Disney brand is present in many fields, including cinema, and has long been dedicated to launching both clothing and footwear for children. To this he adds a wide range of films behind his back that have passed by the cinema and new films will arrive, whether they are animated or not.

In this article you have available a total of 6 Disney wallpaper apps, each of them with a large number of downloadable and customizable. The images arrive in different qualities and with an adjustable weight, once you click on them you can select them to be the background of your screen. live wallpapers

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cartoon backgrounds

disney wallpaper download

If you like cartoons and specifically those of Disney, the correct thing is that you get this application, which happens to be one of the important ones today. The good thing is that it adds a good amount of Disney backgrounds, including well-known series, such as Mickey Mouse, Pluto, among others.

In addition to the typical backgrounds, it adds some lesser-known ones, although just as valid when used, so if you want to add yours from another application, they will be valid. Minions become wallpapersyou will have four in particular, which are of the characters of the different films.

SpongeBob is another of the movies that has been adding wallpapers, that if you want you can put, as well as share if you want with other people. The last update of the app is from the month of July, many extras have been added. The app has achieved more than 1 million downloads.

HD and 4K princess wallpaper

princess wallpaper

It is an application dedicated to sharing Disney wallpapers, Specifically, it covers more than 500, many of them from blockbuster movies. Among them is Princess Jasmine, from the well-known movie Aladdin, which was seen on the giant screens back in 1992.

Among them many other wallpapers, many of them you will surely like as much or more, among them some already seen previously in other apps. Other princesses appear, such as Ariel, Tiana, Cinderellalike other characters from the different series and movies of the production company.

The person in charge of launching this application is RR Mobile Apps, the well-known developer behind it, although she has been releasing other equally important tools. The application is already among the best rated, getting more than 4 stars out of a possible five. Pass 100,000 downloads.

cartoon wallpaper

cartoon wallpaper

Imagine being able to choose a Disney wallpaper every so often, in which to choose, for example, Mickey Mouse, one of the princesses, among other characters of the dynasty. The good thing is that you can count on a great cast, in addition to being able to download some to share among the largest number of people who are in your contacts.

In addition to Diwney wallpapers you will have other characters that are on everyone’s lips, including for example Sonic (known to be from SEGA). Shin Chan, Angry Birds or Minions, among others. The funny thing is that each of them will be animated, which are worth more than simple wallpapers.

Every day they are updated with new backgrounds, so you will discover each of the uploads, which at the end of the week are more than 14, since there are at least two a day. The user will be the one who decides whether or not to download at least one or two backgrounds. The app has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people so far.

Cute Mickey Wallpapers

cute mickey

It focuses on Mickey wallpapers, although it has been adapted over time each of them to phones, tablets and even desktop computers. The good thing is that if you download any of them, it will give you the option to download it in a valid format for your phone, tablet or PC with an optimal resolution.

Cute Micky Wallpapers has been achieving the goal of passing 100,000 downloads, which is one of the things that has been imposing throughout the many increases in Disney fundswhich is definitely one of the things that has been working throughout its stage in the Play Store.

The application weighs just under 20 megabytes, houses all the images that become downloadable for the user who requires it, who is ultimately the one who decides to download one application or another. Cute Mickey Wallpapers is well rated, you also have some servers where the photos are hosted. It allows you to share photos of backgrounds if you wish.

1000+ cartoon wallpapers


An application oriented to Disney backgrounds, among the characters we will see Mickey, Minnie, The Lion King and other films of the dynasty. The good thing is that each one of them has a high resolution to adapt them to our phone, being more than spectacular on our device.

Outside of Disney, add others like Bart Simpson, SpongeBob and his friends, add the Minions, as well as many others that happen to belong to Disney. The important thing is the variety, which will make the user you can download any of them to the phone and put it on your terminal in a few seconds.

They are wallpapers in the form of Cartoons, like one of the previous applications, that can be considered important by the graphic level. The app weighs relatively little and has already exceeded 100,000 downloads so far. The rating for this app is 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Wallpaper Blue Koala

stitch backgrounds

Lilo & Stitch has its own funds, at least the second of them, Stich appears in endless wallpapers that we have at our disposal. The great thing about this app is the huge variety available, over 200 different wallpapers, plus it adds various categories once you open it.

If you like the movie, these are the wallpapers that you are going to like, if not, it is best to look for an alternative, which you will have with all the available ones on the list. The application weighs little and you have it for free in the Play Store of Google.

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