5 times you prevented the apocalypse in video games

The apocalypse happens a lot in the world of video games. Sometimes it happens before the events of the game, while other times it happens during the game. While arguably overused, it’s a good trope because it can lead to unique settings and stories.

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What can also be fun, though, is stopping the apocalypse from happening in the first place. After all, there is no better achievement for a heroic character than keeping the planet from being destroyed. The way in which the planet or the universe is under threat can vary. For example, a villain might be planning to blow up the world, turn civilians into monsters, or just wipe out civilization. Whatever the evil plan is, you can put a stop to it in these games.


5 mass effect 3

Throughout the original Mass Effect trilogy, you hear constant mention of an extinction cycle. The way it works is that a race of highly advanced synthetic beings called Reapers wait until various civilizations are at their peak before coming in to eliminate them and save anything important. The idea is that they intervene before the organic and the synthetic of a civilization destroy each other.

Unfortunately for Commander Shepard, the cycle is about to happen in his lifetime. So, you spend games trying to stop the Reapers from coming in and doing their business. You fail at the former, but ultimately succeed at the latter, as you are able to stop the machines from exterminating all of the main species in the Milky Way in the third game. How you do this depends on your choice of ending the game.

Since this is Metal Gear, the situation in this one is a bit tricky. The game’s titular machine is a bipedal AI tank capable of launching nuclear weapons. However, it is supposed to be a nuclear deterrent. So it only fires a nuclear bomb in retaliation when a country fires one of its own. The man behind the machine is Hot Coldman, who wants to prove that Peace Walker is the only real nuclear deterrent and that humans dare not launch nuclear weapons.

Therefore, using the machine, he sends false data to the US to make them believe that the country is about to be bombed. As the United States considers a retaliatory strike, Peace Walker prepares to launch. If all of these nukes went off, it could easily have caused a nuclear holocaust like the ones seen in the Fallout series. It’s never about that though, as he’s available to fight and disable Peace Walker, preventing it from starting and stopping the transmission of falsified data.

3 resident bad 5

In the Resident Evil series, there is always the threat of an apocalypse. This is because there is always a virus that turns people into monsters of some kind. Fortunately, it never turns into a real world apocalypse because the virus is usually contained to a specific area. However, you’re usually not the reason the virus doesn’t spread further, no matter which skilled protagonist you’re controlling.

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However, in RE5, you actually stop an infection that threatens to take over the world. The virus in this is called Uroborus and it is Albert Wesker’s weapon. At the end of the game, the villain intends to unleash the virus on the world using missiles containing the substance. However, through a series of quick-time events and a battle with the antagonist, you put a stop to his plans.

two Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Throughout most of Witcher 3, The Wild Hunt seems to be its main problem, and it certainly is a problem. However, there is an even greater threat looming in the background known as White Frost. This is a catastrophic event that freezes entire planets. Unfortunately, for Geralt, Ciri and the rest of the gang, their world is the next to be frozen. Naturally, this would lead to the death of all living things. So it certainly counts as an apocalypse.

The only one capable of stopping him is someone infused with Elder Blood. This means that Ciri is the world’s only hope. As such, at the end of the game, she enters a tower in Undvik and permanently stops the White Frost. Technically, you can argue that it’s not you who prevents the apocalypse, like Ciri does in one scene. But she’s a playable character, so she still counts.

1 halo 3

Halo 3 is unique in that it contains two apocalyptic threats. The first comes from the Halo rings. These weapons were designed to exterminate all sentient life in the galaxy in order to stop the dangerous race called the Flood. The series villain The Prophet of Truth tries to activate them in Halo 3 in his delusional plan to become a god. You, with the help of the Flood, stop his plans by killing him before he can fire the weapon.

Your alliance with the Flood and their leader, the Gravemind, ends there, as the species is the other threat in the entire galaxy. These creatures are like zombies in that they are capable of infecting different species. Therefore, they could potentially take over everything. To stop that, you gain access to a half-built Halo facility and activate it. Because it is unfinished and outside of the galaxy, it has very little range. Therefore, it only kills the Flood while all others remain intact.

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