5 Great Soulslikes That Aren’t From Software Games

The Soulslike genre is hugely popular for its relentless combat, draining XP jobs, and dark, gritty storylines. The genre made famous by legendary Japanese developer FromSoftware has amassed many imitators over the years. Some are great, and some not so great. Making a game difficult is not enough. It also has to be engaging enough for a player to replay while presenting an intriguing world that begs to be explored.

Without a doubt, FromSoftware games have inspired several Soulslike games on the market, and some are even better than the ones that started the craze. The games that match or exceed FromSoftware titles are the ones that bring something new to the Soulslike formula. Here’s a list of the top five Soulslike games that aren’t made by FromSoftware, but are just as good.

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Remnant: From the Ashes

Often regarded as “Dark souls with weapons”, Remnant: From the Ashes It’s much more than that. Yes, when players first jump into this bleak post-apocalyptic world, they’re sure to find items from Dark souls Y blood bornebut the game doesn’t just clone its predecessors. Remnant: From the Ashes It has a very deep scaling system that links the player’s level and abilities to the enemies around them. The better equipment and weaponry the player has, the more challenging and better equipped the enemies will become. This scaling system and random dungeons in each world make Scrap or remains a unique and fresh Soulslike experience.


the fight in nioh it is very intense and requires the player to become familiar with multiple fighting stances, weapons, spells, buffs, and most importantly, guardian spirits. Bringing the right guardian spirit will make all the difference in conquering this game. the action in nioh it is fast-paced, and the player will be constantly outnumbered. The fights can seem overwhelming, but as long as the player uses the right equipment and chooses the guardian spirit that is best for each situation, they will emerge victorious. Boss battles where the player must defeat two bosses at once can be particularly frustrating, but with the right gear and guardian spirit, the player will get by.

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Blasphemous is without a doubt the darkest Soulslike game on this list. Taking place in the bleak land of Cvstodia, this side-scrolling Metroidvania is both beautiful and terrifying. The game follows the Silent Penitent through a Catholic-inspired world that is racked with pain, full of traps, and teeming with deadly enemies. Blasphemous is filled with some of the most macabre visuals and thought-provoking concepts of any game on this list.

the surge

The soulslike genre and the dark fantasy realm have somehow become synonymous, but Deck 13 the surge is possibly the best Soulslike game out there because it strays away from fantasy. the surge has all the trappings of a Dark souls either blood borne game, but it features them in a futuristic world full of mechs instead of mythical creatures. The importance of exo-suits in the game is emphasized by the surgeThe unique combat mechanics of . In order to survive in the game, the player must upgrade their exo-suit platform, and the only way to do this is by taking scraps from the body parts of slain enemies. This attention to detail and dystopian sci-fi setting make the surge a fantastic soulslike.

vein code

it would Dark souls does it look like it’s an anime? The answer is vein code. Potentially the best title on this list, it’s easily the most challenging game, but it’s still fair. vein code is a more narrative version of Dark souls featuring vampires. Combat is closer in style to niohbut it is much deeper. vein code it features perhaps the most satisfying progression system of all the games listed here due to how it fits into the player’s chosen style of play. The action is fast-paced, relentless, and at times extremely frustrating. vein code it also features the most satisfying boss battles of all these games.

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