3 Ways to Put Two Images Together in Google Docs

Do you remember how Jack and Jill went up the hill? Similarly, there may be instances where you want two images in Google Docs to stick together instead of being disoriented. You can try resizing these two images, which should do the job, but the combination often ends up looking bad, which can negatively affect viewers. Instead, we can try to group images before or during upload to make sure they look like one. But how do you do it? We tell you the secret to combine or join two images in Google Docs without fighting for real estate.

merge images in google docs

How to put images together in Google Docs?

Here’s a look at three ways to stitch two images together in Google Docs.

Use the drawing tool to put images together

Google Docs has a built-in drawing tool where you can do a lot of tasks including the option to group images as well. That is how –

1. Click on the Insert option on the Google Docs toolbar. Hover over the Drawings option in the drop-down menu and choose “New”.

two. Now click on the Photos icon available at the top center of the screen. Upload all the images you want to group.

3. resize these images to place them side by side. Drag and drop to make sure they appear as a “grouped” image.

merge images in google docs

Four. Now select the images and the right button of the mouse in one of them. tap on the Cluster option in the menu that appears.

merge images in google docs

Use tables to join images

Another intuitive way to add grouped images to Google Docs is through tables. While the above method allows you to group multiple images as one, inserting them through a table won’t do it, but it will get the job done. Follow these steps to add images through a table.

1. Click on the insert option in the toolbar menu and hover over the Table option.

two. Now select the right table template for your collage. Remember, Google also allows you to create tables within a table.

3. Once you have the desired shape in place, insert the images in the requirements column and adjust its dimensions to look like a group image.

merge images in google docs

Use third-party tools

You can take the help of third-party tools like Canva that offer a free Photo Collage Maker, to create a group of photos before uploading them to Google Docs. This is how you can do it through Canva.

1. Visit the Canvas Free Photo Collage Maker website and click on the Create a photo collage button.

two. Click the Upload Files option and upload all the images you want to group together.

3. now place and resize the photos the way you would like the grouped image to appear.

Four. Select all the images and the right button of the mouse about any of them. Choose the group option in the menu that appears.

5. Tap on the File option at the top left of your screen and click on the Download option.

6. Choose the most suitable quality you want the grouped image to have and click the download button.

merge images in google docs

7. Wait for the resulting image to download and you can insert it into your Google Doc as a collage.

Canva also has a free app for Android Y iOS where you can follow the steps mentioned above to create a collage on the go. Just download the app and let the magic happen.

Bonus: Add Videos in Google Docs?

A secret that most people don’t know is that we can also add a video to Google Docs. Here’s the trick to adding videos to your Google Docs:

1. If the video is saved to your offline storage, upload it to your drive.

two. Now click on the new button and create a new google slide.

merge images in google docs

3. Click on the insert option in the top menu bar and touch the Video option and select the uploaded video in the Google Drive section. Wait for the processing to complete, and once the video is ready to be attached, a thumbnail will be displayed. The right button of the mouse Y copy the video.

merge images in google docs

Four. Now change to google docsand click on the He drew option.

5. PAste the copied video. Click on save and close to add the video to the document.

merge images in google docs

6. Click on the Edit in the Drawing panel to open, and those with editing access can play the video from there.

merge images in google docs

Conclusion: Group Images in Google Docs

Adding images to your Google Docs is easy, but grouping them together can be tricky. With the tips shared, you can easily add two images together in Docs. I hope you have found this useful; if you did make sure to like and share this. Check out other tutorials linked below to brighten your day, and stay tuned for more tech tips and tricks.

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