15 Best Video Game Remakes Of All Time

blacka it’s a labor of love reinventing the original Half life experience. The remake, which follows the plot of the original, recreates much of the game in an updated engine. Weather black table try to be as faithful as possible, improve on the original with a completely new soundtrack and some updated levels. Honestly, the modified version of this remake Half lifeXen’s infamous levels are reason enough to play it over the original. The quality shown in black table it’s so remarkable that it earned Valve’s official seal of approval.

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

5. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Once upon a time, pokememon gold Y Silver were considered the best pokememon games out there but Diamond Y PearlArguably the many innovations helped that generation steal the crown. Then Game Freak had the bright idea to remake Prayed Y Silver with all the improvements introduced in the series so far. As such, Heart of gold Y Silver Soul it soon became the new gold standard.

The original Prayed Y Silver They were already great games as they allowed players to explore two different regions, but the remakes somehow improved on perfection. Heart of gold Y Silver Soul it benefited from better graphics and audio, new story beats and elements, separate physical and special attacks, and, most important of all, the ability to allow any Pokémon to follow its trainer outside of its Poké Ball. Never underestimate the desire to take an Arcanine for a walk.

Remake of Resident Evil 2002

4. demonic resident

The original demonic resident it solidified many of the crucial design elements of the survival horror genre, like tank controls and limited inventory. However, as is the case with so many classics on this list, the game got old pretty quickly. So when Capcom struck a deal to produce a series of exclusive games for the Nintendo Gamecube, Shinji Mikami, the original demonic residentThe director of, decided it was time to remake the game.

The Gamecube version of demonic resident it retained almost everything that made the original game special, but improved absolutely everything else about the experience. The graphics and voice acting were the most obvious beneficiaries of that approach, but it was Mikami’s decision to add new monsters like Crimson Heads and Lisa Trevor that helped make this the definitive version of one of the most impactful games ever. created. the demonic resident The remake is both a celebration of the original and an evolution.

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

3. Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

When The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening released on the Nintendo Game Boy, it proved that handheld consoles could provide the kind of epic adventures that most thought were reserved for consoles. However, over time, it simply became difficult to play Link’s Awakening in its original format. Fortunately, this turned out to be a case of Nintendo stepping up and rescuing a classic from the past.

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