$1,250 for NFL Week 1 kick-off games

Week 1 of the NFL kicks off on Thursday night and potential punters can activate our promo code DraftKings to earn up to $1,250 in bonuses. This is an outrageously valuable set of bonuses from Draft Kings sports betting before Week 1 of the NFL.

New users who activate our DraftKings promo code will receive a $50 free bet and up to $1,000 deposit bonus on signup. Players can then opt for a $5 wager and get a $200 NFL Week 1 Guaranteed Bonus offer.

What DraftKings Sportsbook offers is essentially three bonuses in one offer. New players who sign up for an account will earn a $50 free bet when they sign up. Players can then receive a deposit bonus of up to $1,000, as well as a $200 guaranteed bonus with a wager of $5 or more on any NFL game in Week 1.

Click here for a $50 Free Bet, $1,000 Deposit Bonus and $200 NFL Week 1 Bonus when you activate our DraftKings promo code.

The first offer that will unlock our DraftKings promo code is a $50 free bet. You can use this free bet on any game or player accessory in any league. The second part of the offer comes during the registration process. Players will receive a deposit bonus that matches a user’s first deposit at a rate of 20% up to $1,000. That means if a player deposits $100, DraftKings will issue $20 in site credit. A deposit of $1,000 would earn $200 in site credit. Players who deposit $5,000 or more will earn the $1,000 full site credit bonus.

The third part of the offer is one that punters can opt into. This is a $5 get $200 bonus bet that pays a $200 bonus if you win or lose. All it takes is a $5 bet on any NFL game. Also, if the bet wins, the player will also receive winnings generated on the bet.

The registration process for a DraftKings Sportsbook account is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. Any new user who clicks on the links on this page will apply our DraftKings promo code and receive up to $1250 in bonuses, win or lose. Here’s how to secure your voucher:

  • Click here to unlock our DraftKings promo code.
  • Enter the information required to establish an account.
  • Choose the best deposit method for you.
  • Add money to your account.
  • Bet on any NFL Week 1 game.

You will immediately receive a $50 free bet as well as a deposit bonus. Then, as soon as your first $5 NFL Week 1 wager is processed, DraftKings Sportsbook will issue eight $25 ($200) free bets on your account to use on other games and player accessories. This can include other NFL games, as well as college football, MLB, and more.

There are three more promotions punters can take advantage of by signing up after signing up. Players can opt into the Bills vs. Rams Up 7 Early Win. This promotion will award a money line win to the Bills or Rams as soon as the user’s team rises above 7 points at any point in the game.

There is another version of this promotion for any Sunday or Monday game, which will award a win when the user’s team raises 10 or more points. Finally, DraftKings has an NFL One-A-Day Stepped Up Same Game Parlay promotion that will dole out a staggered winnings token for users to apply to their same parlay game wager.

Get up to $1,250 in bonuses when you sign up by applying our promo code DraftKings when you click here.

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