10 video games that really do microtransactions well, according to Reddit

For many gamers, microtransactions are automatically a negative point for any video game that includes them as a feature. They are often considered one of the worst symptoms of greed by big hunting companies. However, there is no denying that its existence has allowed long-term beloved games to be created and sustained, including the likes of Supervision, team strength 2Y League of Legends.

Although the next release of surveillance 2 can change that, with loot boxes officially discontinued, Supervision it’s still seen as one of the best examples of how in-game purchases can be put to good use. That was just one of many suggestions Redditors had on which game handles microtransactions better.


titanfall 2

titanfall 2 is a game that was hailed for its single-player campaign when it came out, but there was also a lot of love for its online mode. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, who have since made apex legendsIt’s no surprise that the online action is extremely fun, but it is a little surprising that fans see microtransactions as a strong point.

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Though Appendix may not get the same reputation, Redditor halo-5-death is happy to promote titanfall 2microtransaction system, emphasizing that “you buy [the microtransactions] directly at a fair price and don’t bet on them. apex legendsit’s easy to see why fans liked it.

lord of the rings online

In contrast to some of the other more action packed Lord of the Rings games, lord of the rings online it was an attempt to create a memorable MMORPG experience that was true to the books and while it may be dated now, there was an expansion in 2021 that proved the developers haven’t forgotten about their players.

Redditor AgentUpright believes that’s not the only way they’ve treated their players well, especially those who choose not to spend in-game money, as “you can earn enough in-game store credits to buy anything without having than paying real money for nothing. Considering the game was originally a subscription service that became free to play, that’s certainly a nice touch.


In a game with over 120 playable heroes, balancing matches would be a big enough problem to add items that could give players who invested real money an edge. That’s why, like other great MOBAs, Hi-Rez decided to make all the characters in Hurtincluding some gods that can win games on their own, unlockable with in-game currency and real money.

Redditor Zikron explains the positives of their system, explaining that you can buy champions individually or spend “a very reasonable $30 for each character in the game” and that “if you’ve already bought a character before going all out, then it’s discounted. the price of $30.” Although it may seem like a small touch, it shows an effort not to force the player to end up spending more than necessary.

dota 2

Although Valve is not always considered the best company when it comes to treating developers and consumers fairly, its flagship MOBA dota 2 it was a title that came up several times in discussions about games that handle microtransactions well. Redditor vviki was one of his biggest supporters.

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They explain that “you are not denied anything in game terms” and that even cosmetic things “like game viewers and announcers can be shared”, meaning that only one person in a group of players should own it so that everyone can enjoy the benefits. This was not a common feature, so fans appreciated it.

borderlands 2

The Borderlands series has deservedly earned a lot of praise for its visuals, story, hilarious cut-scenes, and satisfying gameplay that includes its online content. Although it doesn’t have in-game microtransactions, it does have a ton of paid DLC content. Redditor jal2_ argues that “microtransactions aren’t so bad if they’re micro” and used the game as a good example.

The numerous DLC packs contain everything from cosmetics to power-ups, explaining that all of them are extremely reasonably priced in the Game of the Year edition they played. borderlands 3 raised some concern among fans about moving the franchise to actual in-game microtransactions, which is perhaps why borderlands 2 It is considered better in this department.

monster hunter world

While no one is surprised when FPS, MMORPG, and MOBA games contain microtransactions, it’s rarer for an action RPG like monster hunter world doing so, although it makes sense considering the heavy focus he puts on playing online and with friends. Redditor GhostFromBE likes how microtransactions are handled in the PC version.

They list the positives, including the fact that you get a full game for your money, “microtransactions aren’t really in the game” but they’re hidden in the Steam Store, prices are reasonable, and there’s no special currency to disguise how much it costs. . the player is really paying. This friendly and transparent system is a big reason why there have been few complaints about it.

League of Legends

Even compared to other MOBAs, League of Legends he has a huge roster that ranges from the incredibly simple ones to some very difficult champions to play. Fortunately, all of them can be unlocked with free in-game currency as well as real money, and most of the rest of the microtransactions are for cosmetics which are often surprisingly extensive.

Redditor remag117 believes that League’s longevity is due in part to how well it nailed the microtransaction system before it was common, saying “League of Legends did microtransactions before they became the norm and they did it well.” While players haven’t always agreed with Riot’s handling of paid content, it’s one that managed to keep a lot of players interested.

Star Wars, The Old Republic

Although it may not be considered among the most iconic MMORPGs of all time, Bioware’s Star Wars, The Old Republic it has cleverly ensured that it remains profitable thanks to how its loyal player base has persisted over the years. It still has a subscription model, but Redditor DerivIT considers the amount available for free to be more than enough.

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They say that while “it’s riddled with micros,” the free version will let you play through all of the story content without anything holding you back.” Instead, most of the microtransaction content involves side activities. Given the amount of story content is in the full-length MOBA, that’s an impressive amount of content to provide for free with everything else, a nice bonus option.

team strength 2

For those who enjoyed gaming at its best, team strength 2 it is still considered by many to be the blueprint for FPS that got just about everything right. Its use of microtransactions is no exception to fans of the game, which includes Redditor Polyhistori, who instantly suggested the classic multiplayer title.

They summarize it simply as a “No pay to win. Just pay to look good” system. While microtransactions are generally frowned upon by many players, making them only affect cosmetic items is one small way to ensure it’s not disruptive. When those cosmetic items also add something special, another element of fun to the game, then it’s all the better.


The next release of surveillance 2 has reminded many gamers why the first game took the world by storm in 2016 and its non-intrusive model for microtransactions was just a small part of that. However, it did not go unnoticed by many fans, including Redditor Andrew_P-23.

While they admit they didn’t play for very long, they were pleasantly surprised that “there are no deals or microtransactions in your face” and “you get loot boxes quite often without paying”, which automatically feels fairer on principle. Aside from microtransactions only being for cosmetics, it’s a system that fans didn’t find much to complain about.

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