10 Video Game Twists That Make No Sense

Video game stories have come a long way. Over the years, many talented developers have managed to use the medium of interactive gaming to weave stories that couldn’t be done justice in a linear format. However, with the good, must come the bad.

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It’s one thing to come across a poorly written twist in a linear medium like books or movies, but games require a certain finesse on the part of players. Video games are one of the few mediums that deny users content if they aren’t good enough, which makes the bad twists hurt even more.

Spoilers for various games below.

10 Silent Hill Downpour prefers to do Murphy’s multiple choice past

It’s a shame that he Silent Hill franchise had to end on such an average note, like Downpour it was yet another example of a Western studio approaching the franchise without really understanding what made it special. Apparently, Konami and Vatra studios were at odds regarding the player character Murphy Pendleton, which explains this dubious design choice.

In contrast to the previous Silent Hill titles like two, Murphy’s great sin depends entirely on the ending the players achieve. As Yahtzee Croshaw pointed out, this renders much of the game’s symbolism in elements like creature designs and puzzles completely meaningless.

9 Only if he rewards players who finish him off with the proverbial middle finger

This dark choice-based first-person adventure title may have been free to play. Still, it wasn’t worth the time players would have to put up with the various illogical puzzles, off-putting vocal performances, and poorly written dialogue that awaited them. Players who put up with this terrible title are rewarded with a twist that defies all reason.

It turns out that the girl Anthony has a crush on is his sister, and Vinny, the voice on the radio, has been trying to stop their relationship the whole time. It’s never explained why Vinny put Anthony through this ordeal instead of just telling him.

The even entries of solid metal gear the entrances often turn out to be the most polarizing. In the moment of MGS2, Hideo Kojima had no intention of continuing the story and deliberately wrote the ending with a conflict that could not be resolved. It is revealed that the puppeteers who have been orchestrating everything have been dead for 100 years.

Players who were waiting with bated breath to see how this was possible were dismayed to discover that the next game would be a prequel to the entire series. If only they knew that the fourth inning would give them more than they bargained for.

7 The Internet is Alive at Indigo Prophecy

In indigo prophecy, numerous factions search for the elusive indigo child, who is said to determine the fate of humanity. The world is being devastated by falling temperatures, which is probably the plot point that requires the longest suspension of disbelief. Rather than carbon emissions, however, a terminally ill child is apparently the cause of this particular climate disaster.

To make matters worse, there is an insidious AI group, the Purple Clan, led by the Internet. That’s right, the internet is sentient and the leader of a cult trying to bring about a second Ice Age.

The end of Solid metal gear 4 holds the Guinness World Record for the longest scene in a video game, clocking in at 71 minutes. It makes more sense if players remember that this title was supposed to be the grand finale of the entire series. Just as the credits begin to roll, Big Boss, a character long presumed dead, shows up to give Snake a hug and filibuster for half an hour.

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Even the credits abruptly stop for a more inflated exposition as Big Boss reveals that the Patriots kept him alive via nano-machines for years.

5 Alice In Detroit Turned Human Turns Out Not Human

detroit become human It was another example of Quantic Dream using branching narratives to tackle complex issues like classism and discrimination. The whole subplot with Kara and Alice has already pissed off several players with its grossly simplified depiction of abuse. Still, the twist surrounding the young woman completely negates Kara’s character arc.

Kara sacrifices everything to save this human girl from her horrible father and raise Alice as her own. Except Alice isn’t human after all, and Kara knew it all along. The game even flashes back to a scene players never got to see.

4 The wife of the aforementioned bionic commando is his mechanical arm

The big plot twist in 2009 bionic command restarting managed to overshadow everything else about the game. In a plot reveal widely criticized by fans and critics alike, it is revealed that Nathan Rad Spencer’s mechanical arm was created from the consciousness of his wife.

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According to Keji Inafune, the relationship between Japan’s Capcom and Swedish developer GRIN was particularly strained, with the former reportedly telling the developer: “Whatever. Do what you want. I don’t mind.If that’s the case, that certainly explains how such an ill-conceived twist could make it into the final product.

3 The true nature of Tidus in Final Fantasy X defies explanation

final fantasy x It represented a turning point in the franchise. It was the first mainline title to eschew the pre-rendered backgrounds that permeated its PlayStation installments, the first entry to incorporate voice acting, and one of the last titles produced by long-time front man Hironobu Sakaguchi.

For many gamers, it also represented a significant drop in narrative quality that the series would never really recover from. A major point of contention is the game’s latest twist regarding the character Tidus. It turns out that he didn’t travel from the past at all, since he never actually existed. When Zanarkand fell, the citizens of it tried to preserve it in a dream state.

two Sonic The Hedgehog Takes ‘Keep Calm’ To Absurd Extremes

Among sonic ’06Despite its many flaws, the game’s main plot wasn’t exactly Pulitzer material. It turns out that the Sonic princess who has been continually rescuing her throughout her campaign has an evil god sealed within her, and the only way she can escape it is through her tears.

There are so many things wrong with this twist that it’s impossible to examine them all properly. Bypassing the process in which the dark god was sealed inside Elise, keeping a stiff upper lip is one thing. Still, the tear glands cause the eyes to produce tears when people blink, rendering Sonic’s earlier kill completely useless.

1 Harvester is a virtual reality simulation just because

Reaper is one of many games that tried to capitalize on the success and controversy that followed titles like Mortal Kombat Y Condemn. But unfortunately, its hybrid of graphic adventure and survival horror mechanics turned out to be like oil and water. At the same time, attempts at social commentary on him were more offensive than violent images of him.

Once players get past all the horrific combat and heavily compressed FMV cutscenes, they discover that the world they’ve been exploring is a virtual reality simulation designed to create the perfect assassin. Why do they want to do this? Otherwise, Gilbert P. Austin couldn’t come up with a clumsy parable for violent video games.

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