10 terrible enemies of great video games

Sometimes even the best video games have something that just doesn’t work. That thing is often a particularly irritating enemy. Of Dark souls’ skeleton wheels for by Morrowind cliffracers, some enemies can drag your full sets.

Since the recently announced Star Wars: Jedi Survivor brings with it the threat of a return of the dreaded Oggdo Bogdo, it raises the discussion of other enemies that fans despised. Whether they’re unnecessarily difficult, unfairly designed, or just plain annoying, these were terrible enemies in otherwise great games.


10 Djinn – Uncharted 3

the first three Unexplored all of the games had some form of supernatural twist in the third act, to a mixed reception from fans. One of the last stages of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception pitted Nate against hallucinated Djinn, evil spirits of fire.

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Djinn play similar to normal enemies, but have some additional abilities that make them difficult to fight. Not only can they launch instant kill projectiles, but the Djinn can also teleport around the area and will damage Nate if he gets too close. Add in the fact that they can take around three times the damage than normal enemies, and Djinn can make players wish they had let this lost city stay lost.

9 Banshees – Mass Effect 3

mass effect 3 is easily the most underrated of the original trilogy, hampered only by the controversial ending. However, the combat was a huge improvement over previous entries, which was necessary, because mass effect 3 It also introduced the dreaded Banshees.

Asari corrupted by reapers, banshees were hulking enemies that could soak up damage like tanks and regenerate quickly. They could unleash several devastating energy attacks and could kill players in one hit if caught in their claws. His infamous shriek struck fear into even the bravest of players.

8 Brutes – The Last of Us Part 2

In terms of gameplay, the Seraphite brutes fought the last of us part 2 They are not bad enemies. They aren’t unfair and actually lead to some great fights throughout the game. The problem lies in how they fit into the game world.

The last of us is intended to be a much more grounded and serious story than something like Unexplored, but brutes make it feel like a video game. Huge enemies can withstand direct headshots and point-blank shotgun blasts. If they wore armor or had some other in-game explanation it would make more sense, but having regular human enemies that can only fire bullets like this takes a bit of the realism out of the game.

7 Cougars – Red Dead Redemption Series

Cougars are usually apex predators in the wild, so facing one in any game should be a pretty daunting challenge. This is absolutely the case in both red dead redemption 1 Y twoas cougars are easily the scariest thing players will encounter in the game’s open world.

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in the original red dead redemptionCougars are fast, tough, and can easily rip players apart. He got even worse in the second game, becoming even more skilled hunters who can and will kill Arthur in one leap. Worse yet is the legendary white cougar, which has to be hunted through a dark, maze-like cave more as a test of patience than hunting skill.

6 The Valkyrie of Muspelheim – God of War

Every one of the Valkyries in the 2018 game changer God of War restarting is meant to be a final challenge for the player. They’re tough, deadly bosses that require close mastery of the game to take down, though for the most part, they’re still fair fights.

However, Gondul, the Valkyrie encountered as the final challenger in Muspelheim, is a slightly different story. Gondul is already possibly the toughest of the regular Valkyries, able to use most of the attacks that the others use. However, what makes Gondul exasperated is that many of the attacks now leave a lingering pool of fire on the ground. Since Valkyrie fights require constant movement and lightning reflexes, players can easily get caught in a fire that there was no way to avoid. Gondul may not be entirely unfair, but she comes pretty close.

5 Malboros – Final Fantasy Series

An often literal plague in the long run Final Fantasy series since the second game, the Malboros are infamous among the game’s enemies for one simple thing, their “bad breath” attack. This single move makes Malboros more hated than many fan favorites. Final Fantasy bosses

Enemies can inflict a number of status effects on party members, including poison, confusion, paralysis, and many more. With bad breath, a Malboro can inflict several of these on an entire party, and sometimes on each and every one of them. Taking on a Malboro only to have it hopelessly disrupt the party with its first attack can tarnish the strategic gameplay the series is known for.

4 Cobra Tanks – Batman: Arkham Knight

One of the main complaints about batman: arkham knight it was his overconfidence in the polarizing new Batmobile. Although the game perfected the series’ regular combat, players were confined to the tank-type vehicle for much of the game. While he’s a lot of fun for a while, he eventually sticks around longer than expected.

In addition to the frequent regular drone battles, players will often be up against cobra tanks, heavily armored tanks with a single weak point. The fights turn into a game of hide-and-seek where players have to slowly get past the Cobras to get behind them. These fights slow down the game and are more tedious than exciting. It’s a tall order to make the Batmobile no fun, but somehow the Cobra tanks pulled it off.

3 Hunters – Fallout series

For a long time Fall players, the mere mention of Hunters is enough to send chills down their spines. Even more than the feared Deathclaws, the Hunters are the heralds of death throughout the world. new vegas.

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Wasps are bad enough already, but when they swell to the size of a large dog and have stings that leave lasting poison damage, things ramp up to eleven. Hunters are lightning fast, travel in swarms, and are remarkably resilient. Its high damage output and lingering poison means an encounter on higher difficulties is almost certain to leave teammates or players dead.

two Lady Comstock – Bioshock Infinite

the bioshock The strengths of the series have always been in the fantastic atmosphere of its games and the complex narratives they weave. Unfortunately, his strength isn’t in boss battles. After Frank Fontaine disappointed fans with his final boss fight in the first game, many expected that the third part infinite bioshock He would learn from his mistakes.

Unfortunately Infinite pitted players against Lady Comstock, arguably the most difficult and reviled boss in the entire franchise. Lady Comstock is a huge bullet sponge and she can resurrect any dead enemy. One fight with her is enough, but players will have to fight her three times throughout the game.

1 Marauders/Screechers/Cursed Spirits – DOOM Eternal

eternal DOOM It’s packed with varied and fun demons, and with the game’s excellent fast-paced traversal, ripping and tearing at them has never been better. However, for some reason, in the Ancient gods expansions, the developers decided to add several enemies that negated some of the more fun aspects of the game.

The spirits would possess demons and make them significantly stronger. They also prevented players from destroying weak points, one of the game’s biggest innovations, and could only be killed by a single unpopular weapon mod in a short amount of time. Screechers would buff all nearby demons to near invincibility if they take even the slightest damage. While these two can be defended, Cursed Marauders are almost universally hated. Cursed Marauders would poison players, dealing damage over time, and then teleport as far as possible, forcing players to chase them down in a slow state and kill them exclusively with a blood strike, which may or may not be charged. . as great as eternal DOOM I mean, some of his new enemies just weren’t funny.

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