10 Scariest Bosses In Non-Horror Games

Less than two months before the premiere of gotham knights on October 21, fans are getting more and more excited to battle Gotham’s worst villains once again. And while the master of fear, Scarecrow, may or may not appear in the game, the sinister Claws should easily serve to add a bit of a horror element to the game.

Horror games are notorious for having creepy and nightmarish fuel bosses that will keep players awake at night. But these terrifying bosses aren’t limited to the horror genre; there are plenty of bosses in non-horror games whose appearance, fighting mechanics, and delivery lines can easily scare players who aren’t ready for them.


The Leviathan (Borderlands 2)


borderlands 2 it’s certainly more of a comedic action game than a horror game, but the various monsters and monster bosses that roam Pandora can be pretty terrifying.

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One example is the Leviathan, a massive worm-like beast that serves as the final boss in one of the game’s DLCs. His attacks can deal significant, long-lasting damage to attacking Vault Hunters, while his summoned sandworm minions can appear at any time during the fight, causing a few minor jump scares. The appearance of Leviathan itself makes the graboids of tremors look friendly

The Thorian (Mass Effect)

the thorian

mass effect it can force players to make important decisions that could affect future games and to fight bosses that can be very difficult to fight. One of the creepiest bosses is Thorian, a plant-like creature with mind control capabilities that has taken over a colony.

When Commander Shepard confronts the beast, players find themselves subjected to a terrifying monster with tiny tentacles in its mouth and glowing eyes. It doesn’t help that it has numerous humanoid creatures that can swarm players and kill them in seconds, all while the monster watches over everyone with that nightmare-fueled face.

Scarecrow (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

Scarecrow play on screen in Batman Arkham Asylum

Scarecrow has always been one of Batman’s greatest and oldest villains. Given his fear gas and the deep chill of him, fans expected that his appearance in batman arkham asylum it would be just as terrifying as they expected.

Luckily, fans weren’t disappointed. Filled with multiple hallucinations, including one involving Bruce Wayne’s parents in the Arkham morgue, that are sure to give players the creeps, Scarecrow’s boss battles are some of the scariest in the world. Arkham franchise. The utterly nightmarish look of the Giant Scarecrow in these fights is enough to give any casual player nightmares.

Pandora (Revelations: Person)


For those who want a truly creepy nightmarish creature to haunt them, Pandora would be the creature to watch, as the final boss in Revelations: Person. This monster is an absolute nightmare fuel beast, with multiple arms and legs protruding from its body all over and two heads.

The first head has the face of a human girl, while the other has a creepy mouth and a long red tongue. Pandora’s sack-shaped torso looks as if little spider monsters could explode at any moment, adding even more terror to this amalgamation of an eyesore.

psycho mantis

Psycho-Mantis may not seem as scary as other video game villains, but his gameplay completely makes up for it. Psycho-Mantis’ psychic abilities allow him to break the fourth wall, giving him the power to mess with the player’s game controller and screen.

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Not only that, but it will also read the memory cards in the game console, allowing you to talk to players about the other games saved on the card, such as Castlevania Y vandal hearts. The players are not prepared for solid metal gear they will surely be scared by Psycho-Mantis’s abilities.

Dead Hand (Ocarina Of Time)

Dead Hand attacking Link

Sets The legend of Zelda The franchise isn’t generally scary, but Dead Hand is certainly a boss that changes that notion. The limp, gray mass of a Dead Hand body is only the beginning of his terror, as his hands are nothing more than spikes and his face is just a gaping, toothy mouth with black eyes.

In combat, Dead Hand lurks underground, forcing Link to be caught by its invincible arms so that he bursts from the ground. One wrong move and the monster takes an alarming bite into Link’s head.

Nihilanth (Half life)


With a sequel considered one of the best episodic video games in history, Half life is a great game for any gamer. But his final boss, the Nihilanth, is totally and utterly terrifying.

It looks like a giant floating baby with grayish skin and three arms with dangling, creepy fingers. He may not seem that dangerous, but he can fire high-damage electrical orbs and teleport orbs that teleport the player to other parts of the lair, usually populated by even more enemies. What makes it even worse is that he is notoriously hard to kill, as he is nearly invincible for much of the fight.

Monster Ock (Spider-Man: The Video Game)

Monster Ock in Spider-Man: The Video Game

Both Doc Ock and Carnage are some of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies. But when their powers combine, they become a terrifying nightmare known as Monster Ock.

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Monster Ock looks completely petrifying, with Carnage’s signature red symbiote exterior, but with Doc Ock’s mechanical tendrils. Although Spider-Man doesn’t actually fight him and just runs away from Monster Ock in the sequence, it’s still terrifying to see the Carnage-Doc Ock hybrid in hot pursuit of the heroic web-slinger with only murder on his mind.

Giant Dianoga (Shadows of the Empire)

Giant Dianoga being attacked by a player

Star Wars it’s filled with many terrifying kaiju-like creatures, including the dianoga, the underwater monster that Luke, Leia, and Han found in the garbage compactor on the Death Star.

A massive version of the dianoga appears as a boss in the sewer level in shadows of the empire, and for gamers, it’s a completely terrifying thing to watch. Its prominent eyestalks are just the tip of the iceberg, as the giant dianoga also has gaping jaws of sarlaac-like sharp teeth and a mass of tentacles ready to drag players to their untimely demise.

Sword of Death (The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Sword of Death in The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Video game bosses can be quite scary when players can see them, but sometimes the boss is invisible to human eyes, like Death Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

At the start of the boss battle, Death Sword appears to be nothing more than a swinging sword. When players transform Link into his wolf form, they finally get to see Death Sword’s true form: a creepy, horned ghost with sharp, pointed teeth and a murderous intent to kill Link. It’s a chilling thought, especially since, at least initially, players can only see this nightmare with Wolf Link’s heightened senses.

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