10 Of The Easiest Trophies In PS5 Games, Ranked

Since their debut on PlayStation 3 back in 2008, trophies have enchanted Sony fans around the world. For over a decade, gamers have been looking to both the internet and game guides to bolster their digital collections. One of the things that made trophy hunting easier on previous consoles was the abundant supply of games that players had at their disposal.

With the roster of games for the next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, still expanding, trophy hunters may be starting to feel the pressure. However, these games here can help those hard-pressed fans remember why there is no greater feeling than unlocking a new trophy.


10 You have reached level 20 – Horizon Forbidden West

This action RPG is currently one of the stars of the PlayStation 5 library. With high approval ratings across the board, trophy hunters will stick around for more than just collectibles when it comes to this game! However, please understand that there are instances where the game is harder to get through than the trophy list.

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With almost everything in the game rewarding players with EXP, players shouldn’t have to struggle to unlock this one. With so many opportunities to level up Aloy, these achievements allow players to get a better feel for the game. Don’t get too distracted by the robotic dinosaurs as there are more achievements waiting to be unlocked.

9 A Moment in Time – Ghost Of Tsushima

One of the premiere games that helped drive the launch of the PS5, Ghost of Tsushima It provides gaming fans with the duplicity of readily available trophies and stunning scenery. Since the western frontier design is so captivating, players may want to stop for a moment to capture its beauty. This is where the next trophy comes into play. It may not have been a top-tier first-person shooter like some wanted, but it more than delivered on its combative promise.

The game rewards players for using some of its more specific mechanics. To take advantage of this, simply open the game’s Photo Mode using the directional pad and tweak a few settings to customize the photo. Afterwards, the trophy is unlocked.

8 A Gift From Pete – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The other PS5 pilot game that helped introduce fans to a new generation of gaming, Spiderman: Miles Morales is an absolute delight for those who enjoy the web antics of Marvel’s most popular hero. Just like his predecessor, Ghost of TsushimaThis game is packed with visually stunning graphics and gripping gameplay.

For those looking for a fun game while hunting for trophies, set the game to easy mode. This won’t get in the way of trophy collecting, and also allows players to quickly get through what is a fairly short game. Simply play through the story and very soon the player will receive a gift from the one and only Peter Parker.

7 Rift Apart – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Aptly titled after the game, this collectible serves more as an added incentive for those just beginning their adventure. Ratchet and Clank It’s been one of the best traditions for Sony fans, so it makes sense to have this kind of reward system for them. It’s a great strategy for getting reluctant players to finish a game.

To unlock this one, simply progress through the early stage of the story to get this trophy. Completing the beginning of the game is the basic step that all players must constantly take. It’s good to see that Sony is willing to reward their most loyal customers by doing this.

6 Already in progress: EA Sports Madden NFL 22

An absolute staple in any sports fan’s game collection, crazy nfl It has been the flagship soccer product in the gaming industry for decades. With so many people already playing casually, it would make sense that they could get some awards for their dedication to the game of soccer. For those who bought it outright during the NFL regular season, this one shouldn’t be hard to come by.

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Start a Play Now game mode, select one of the current week’s matchups, end the game. Then select the option to continue the new season. Repeat this one more time to get to the franchise mode menu, where the player will receive the reward. Congratulations to all future commissioners!

5 The Phantom Menace – LEGO Star Wars: The Sky Walker Saga

Another classic video game experience, star Wars he has practically raised an entire generation of young players. With so many people already familiar with the franchise and its history, convincing them to play this one shouldn’t be that hard, trophy or no. It just helps to have the extra motivation.

To get this win, simply start the game’s story mode and progress through its first chapter. Once the formalities are over, players can collect more trophies by completing each chapter of the game, if they wish. With minimal skill required for a game of this caliber, this trophy stands as one of your easiest introductory achievements to unlock.

4 Catwalk – Street

The start-up of the Internet this summer was the launch of Lost. An adventure-based platformer that allows players to play as a cat, this game is as easy as it is charming. While not all trophies in the game are easy to collect, some of them can definitely be considered gifts.

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This one in particular is achieved by reaching the Midtown section of the game. To do so, one simply needs to progress through the game’s main story. Upon reaching the area, players will be rewarded with a trophy for their efforts.

3 Passion – FIFA 22

Another stable from any sports fan’s catalog of games, fifa22 is capable of providing endless hours of gameplay of both celebration and rage. Regardless of the experiences players might have on the field, this game gives them the opportunity to unlock some relatively easy achievements. The less skill required, the better, in this case!

To unlock this trophy, simply open a standard lobby to create a match. From there, make sure both parties select one of the many international women’s teams that are available. Simply finish the match and players will be rewarded for their unbiased passion for the game.

two Green Light – NBA 2K22

The other familiar name with regard to gamer sports fans, NBA 2K it’s been the NBA’s premier gaming experience for nearly a quarter of a century. Whether players are looking to put together the best MyTeam or just tip their friends by spamming with Steph Curry, this trophy will naturally go to fans of the franchise more than anything else.

The requirement? Make a green throw in a game. That is all. Then the hunt for trophies and buckets continues!

1 Get Wood – Minecraft

The easiest and simplest trophy to unlock on PlayStation 5 is perhaps one that is so obvious that most players already have it unlocked. With Minecraft being the timeless wonder that it is, surely fans have already managed to add it to their next-gen collection. If they haven’t, they’re clearly missing out on some of the easier trophies they could hope to get.

To unlock this very challenging trophy, players must first create a new world and make sure to keep the settings in Survival Mode. Altering it will nullify any chance of getting trophies. From there, just smash a tree block with your bare fists. That’s right, all players have to do is hit a tree and they’ll be rewarded for their tenacity. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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