10 new shows and movies to add to your October binge-watching list

While patiently waiting for the next episode of house of the dragon, take care of more interesting content to watch on OTT platforms this month. From family dramas and gripping mysteries to romance series, here are all the new shows and movies to binge-watch in the first half of October.

1. Maja Ma

Madhuri Dixit is back with a movie full of dancing, drama, and celebrations. Against the backdrop of Navratri and a colorful Indian wedding, Maja Ma gives you a glimpse of the Patel family. Pallavi Patel (Madhuri) is portrayed as the perfect wife to her husband Manohar (Gajraj Rao) and the perfect mother to her children Tejas Ella (Ritwik Bhowmik) and Tara (Srishti Shrivastava). Everyone is in awe of Pallavi until her dark and complicated past is exposed. Will this cause changes in family dynamics and get in the way of her son’s wedding? You will have to watch this family drama to see the turn of events.

Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video

2. Luckiest Girl Alive

Mika Kunis returns to thrillers on Netflix luckiest girl alive. Adapted from Jessica Knoll’s New York Times bestselling mystery, the story follows the life of Ani FaNelli (Kunis), who has the perfect job, the perfect husband, and the perfect life for herself. But when the director of a true crime documentary invites her to tell her version of the shocking incident that took place when she was a teenager at her high school, she is forced to confront the dark truth about her that threatens to destroy her. disrupt her perfectly designed life.

Streaming on Netflix on October 7

3. Catherine called Birdy

Based on the 1994 novel of the same name, Catherine called Birdy It is about Lady Catherine (Bella Ramsey), the daughter of a financially destitute Lord who wants to marry her off. Of course, Brady isn’t on board with her and foils her father’s plans to marry her off to a rich suitor. When her vilest suitor arrives, her parents’ love for her is tested.

Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video

4. prey

There’s a new predator movie for you to watch this month. Prey follows the story of a young woman, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled warrior who has been raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters to roam the Great Plains. When danger threatens her camp, she sets out to prove that she is a worthy hunter. The prey she stalks and ultimately faces turns out to be a highly evolved predatory alien with a technically advanced arsenal, resulting in a vicious and terrifying showdown between the two adversaries.

Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on October 7

5. Grey’s Anatomy (Season 19)

The acclaimed medical drama returns for another season. While it will feature Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) for a few episodes, Grey’s Anatomy’s main focus this year is on the new group of doctors who face life-or-death decisions every day at Gray Sloan Memorial. “They seek comfort from each other and sometimes something more than friendship. Together they discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white”, reads the official plot.

Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on October 7

6. Werewolf at night

There’s a new Marvel TV special coming this month and it’s just in time for the spooky season. The official synopsis for Werewolf by Night reads: “On a dark and gloomy night, a secret cabal of monster hunters emerges from the shadows and gathers at the Bloodstone Temple following the death of their leader. In a strange and macabre throwback to the leader’s life, the attendees find themselves embroiled in a mysterious and deadly competition for a powerful relic, a hunt that will ultimately bring them face to face with a dangerous monster. Inspired by the horror films of the 1930s and 1940s, the chilling special aims to evoke a sense of dread and the macabre, with plenty of suspense and scares along the way as we explore a new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on October 7

7. Mismatched Season 2

Based on the 2017 young adult romance novel by Indian-American author Sandhya Menon. When Dimple met Rishi, mismatched it stars Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf as the main stars. In addition to their on-screen pairing that garnered a lot of attention among fans, the exciting and suspenseful ending also had everyone yearning for more. Fans can finally rejoice when the show returns for season two. But all is not well between tech genius Dimple (Prajakta) and hopeless romantic Rishi (Rohit). The two have to navigate through frayed friendships, new love interests, broken promises, academic stress, and shocking rivalries.

Streaming on Netflix on October 14

8. Hasan Minaj: The King’s Jester

Expect satire and sincerity to blend seamlessly as the comedian expresses his thoughts on fertility, fatherhood and free speech in his latest comedy special.

Currently streaming on Netflix

9. Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes

Following the successful launch of the fictional show about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (played by Evan Peters), Netflix is ​​now presenting the chilling story as a true crime documentary. Produced by Joe Berlinger, the limited series focuses on the 17 murders committed by Dahmer.

Streaming on Netflix on October 7

10. The Graham Norton Show Season 30

You often see celebrities appear on talk shows or interviews for their movie promotions. But Graham Norton’s chat show is mostly known for bringing A-listers on a couch that allows them to interact without inhibitions and reveal some exciting stories. And that makes the show so much fun to watch. The talk show host returns with a new season focusing on Hollywood A-listers and his life. In the new series, Graham chats and jokes (virtually and in person) with celebrities like Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Anya Taylor-Joy, George Clooney, Dolly Parton, and Hugh Grant, among others. With such an exciting lineup, of course, we can’t wait to see the series.

Currently streaming on Lionsgate Play

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