10 Games You Won’t Believe Your Mac M1 or M2 Can Play

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Even the humble base model M1 Macbook Air packs more punch than the previous generation of consoles, but it may still come as a surprise to realize that the Apple M1 and M2 computers can play some intense games.

borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 M1 Image

Released at the end of 2019, borderlands 3 is the latest in the successful franchise of looters and shooters. The game retains the stylized cel-shaded graphics, but is packed with modern visual features. It also scales incredibly well, and if you’re conservative with your game settings, Borderlands 3 is perfectly playable even on the M1 Air.

We start with 50% resolution scaling of 2560×1600 and the “very low” preset, while using the “smooth” frame rate limit setting. This works fine on the lower-end M1 system, but can be improved depending on the model of Apple Silicon computer you’re using. Also, make sure to purchase the Epic Game Store version of the game, as the Steam version does not include Mac support!

Alien: Isolation

Image of Alien Isolation M1

Alien: Isolation It’s one of the best survival horror games ever made in its own right, but it also perfectly recreates the look and feel of the iconic film franchise. Running on our MacBook Air M1, it’s possible to set the game to a smoothly playing state while maintaining an attractive image. Just don’t play in the dark.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Sin 2 M1 original image

Divinity: Original Sin 2 deserves to be with the best role-playing video games in history. Its story is deep, its combat system is intricate and rewarding, and the world and characters are masterfully crafted. It’s the perfect game to spend hours on a flight, in bed, or in a hotel room.

Divinity Original Sin 2 runs perfectly on any Apple Silicon computer on the market, and you can even play it on an iPad Pro from 2018. Unfortunately, the Mac and iPad versions are sold separately, so you’ll have to buy the game twice. if you want to play both.

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

Original Sin Enhanced Edition Image

While everyone knows its famous sequel, the original The original sin it was a great RPG in its own right. The enhanced edition doesn’t elevate it to the visual majesty of its sequel, but it does put a great lick of paint over the unenhanced version.

It also performs even better than Original Sin 2 on our base model M1 Air, and you don’t have to be afraid to crank up the detailed settings either.

Devil 3

Diablo 3 M1 Image

Unfortunately, Devil, devil 2Y Diablo 2 resurrected does not work on macOS Catalina and later or, in the case of risen, you don’t have any version of macOS. Still, if you want to spend hours of your life hacking, hacking, looting, and generally having fun clicking things to death, Devil 3 it’s an amazing choice.

It works great on the base model M1, and if you have a higher-end M2 or M1 variant, you can have plenty of extra goodies to boot.

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The Rise of the Tomb Raider

Image of Tomb Raider M1

That’s right, yesterday’s blockbuster AAA game titles can now be played on a fanless ultrabook. We tried The Rise of the Tomb Raider using the medium preset and the frame rate capped at 60, using the 1440×900 resolution setting. You can cap the frame rate at 30 if you want, but the game felt fully playable in the sections we tested, even if the frame rate fluctuates a bit.

dirt 4

image Dirt 4 M1

dirt rally is one of the best mainstream rally racing games on the market, building on a strong legacy of accessible rally games that look and feel great to play. Racing games tend to be more optimized than other genres, and that’s true for dirt 4. On a base M1 system, you can zoom in and get a steady 30fps at high resolution or hit 60fps at medium-high settings. Consider the excellent driver support built into macOS, and you’ll have a blast.

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elysee nightclub

Image of Elysium M1

Not all games have to be about fast frame rates or action. There are plenty of games that play at a slower pace that you might overlook for your Apple Silicon system. elysee nightclub is a great example of a deep RPG that received critical acclaim, but could be overlooked as a title to load up on your MacBook for a rainy day or a trip.

Disco Elysium works perfectly on an entry-level Mac M1 model, and even better, it’s a perfect game to play using only the touchpad. It’s also a criminally underrated title, so it’s worth playing to experience something very different from traditional games.

bioshock remastered

Bioshock Remastered M1 Remastered

when the original bioshock Released during the Xbox 360 console era, it joined the ranks of games like system crash Y god ex as a title that rewrites what a first-person shooter can be. Even today, it’s a fantastic title that still holds up visually. However, even the 2019 Intel 13-ich MacBook systems struggled to run the original game thanks to their weak integrated Intel GPUs.

The GPU in the M1 makes easy work of editing remastered bioshockand it has fantastic controller support in case you want to game on the go and can’t use an external mouse.

Cities: skylines

Cities M1 image

SimCity is the best city-building game franchise ever, but it’s been many years since we’ve received a new title in the series. Seeing a gap in the market, other developers have moved to remove this particular itch, and Cities: skylines he is perhaps the best pretender to the crown.

This game is much more CPU intensive than most titles, especially when your city starts to reach late-game complexity, but even on a base model M1 Air, you’ll still get playable frame rates. Drops below 30 at medium detail settings and moderate resolutions are not uncommon, but given the nature of the game, this doesn’t really influence gameplay.

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MMO Bonus: Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV M1 image

It is well known that the world’s most famous MMORPG, World of Warcraft, runs well on Apple M1 and M2 computers. Yet, Final Fantasy XIV is another incredibly popular MMO (which you can play for free until level 60) that specifically states that it doesn’t support Apple Silicon on the website.

However, we were able to install the game and run around the starting area without any issues. Performance was perfectly playable on moderate settings, and considering this game has an optional 15fps cap, you can tell that frame rates aren’t really important for this style of play.

Is Apple Gaming good again?

While the Apple Silicon M1 and M2 computers aren’t generally thought of as gaming machines, Apple’s investment in the GPU side of its phone and tablet business is paying off. Without strong industry support, we’d be hesitant to recommend anyone buy a Mac specifically for gaming. However, if you’re using a MacBook Air M1 or higher as your daily controller system at work or school, you might want to seriously consider throwing a gamepad in your bag along with your ultrabook because there are so many great things to play with.

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