10 Games You Should Play If You Love Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb has taken the internet by storm since the moment it was shown. Something about the unique combination of a cute little town builder and the creation of a fanatical cult stole people’s hearts! While the game is a bit buggy in places, it managed to amass a fan base hungry for more.

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Cult of the Lamb is many game types in one: cute city builder, action roguelike, cult manager, and even more under the surface. Everyone has their own reasons for loving the game, and as such, no game can appeal to all fans. But each of these games has a little Cult of the Lamb aspect to it, so no matter what you liked about it, there should be something here for you.


10/10 wandering song

If you fell in love with the cute aesthetic and the weird brand of healthiness, Wandersong might be the perfect adventure for you. Wandersong follows a lovable bard who learns that the whole world is about to end, and he needs to save the world by singing! Don’t be fooled though; this simple story takes many twists and turns along the way.

The main trick is that all the problems are solved by singing, and the game offers many puzzles and platforms from this mechanic! Plus, singing while you walk is fun too. But really, the main attraction is the lovable characters and the hilarious adventure that gets surprisingly emotional. That’s all that can be said without spoiling things, so give it a try.

9/10 horror world

If you’re looking for something that follows the creepier aspects like the cult, sacrifice, and bishops, World of Horror might be for you. Inspired by the works of Junji Ito, World of Horror is an old school RPG where you try to save your city from one of several supernatural horrors by collecting items, upgrading, and solving the mysteries of your city.

The game features a large amount of content to explore, with mysteries being randomly assigned in each race and a wide selection of options within each of them. However, these missions are going to be brutal as you will need everything you have to barely survive, not to mention the game is pretty creepy and unsettling at times. If you fancy a less cheesy supernatural experience, World of Horror is the game for you.

8/10 stardew valley

The king of farming sims is the natural choice for anyone who enjoys the resource management and life simulation aspects of Cult of the Lamb. Stardew Valley is all about escaping to a cozy country town to start a farm, meet new people, and make a new life for yourself.

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Stardew is the ultimate cozy experience with as many ways to play as you want. Whether you want to farm, fish, mine, fight, befriend, or just relax, Stardew is non-judgmental and lets you do your thing! With each skin having tons of depth and things to unlock, you will be able to immerse yourself in this game for many hours.

7/10 Isaac’s Binding

Wasn’t Cult of the Lamb disturbing enough for a Roguelike experience? In that case, The Binding of Isaac may be more to your liking. The game immediately sets the tone as you play as Isaac, on the run from his mother trying to sacrifice him to God. Isaac will have to deal with bloody abominations and biblical demons. This game earns its content warning, so keep that in mind before trying it out.

The game itself doesn’t get any easier for the player as it’s hard as nails and full of RNG. Where the items in most Roguelikes offer a bit of a boost, the items in Isaac decide whether you smash the final bosses or die to the first one. But this makes for a very fun and wild experience with lots of characters to unlock, bosses to fight and things to discover. The game always gives you a reason to come back.

6/10 cultist simulator

If you enjoyed creating your doctrines and performing rituals but want more of that cult experience, Cultist Simulator may provide that solution, if you can unravel its mysteries. Cultist Simulator is a card game where understanding the mechanics is part of the challenge. The game follows various starting characters as they lead you to discover the cult’s lore and found your own cult.

The only problem is that the game never explains how to do things, creating an analysis experience through the game to discover how to explore, perform rituals and ascend Mansus. Even once the mystery is gone, the game becomes an excellent strategy game to manage time and resources. If you want an experience unlike any other, try this game!

5/10 A hat in time

If you want a purely cute adventure without the cult, A Hat in Time is a wonderful 3D platform adventure. Inspired by titles like Mario 64, Sunshine, and Banjo Kazooie, A Hat in Time is a 3D platform game. The game sees him losing his spaceship’s fuel on a strange planet, and must travel through various lands to retrieve the fuel.

The game sets up a handful of colorful and fun worlds with many unique quests in each one. These are made much more fun to navigate with the game’s excellent movement flowing together and making the platforming as natural as possible. Combine that with goofy characters and gimmicks for each level, and you’ve got a game that’s hard not to love.

4/10 animal crossing

Cult of the Lamb has often been described as a darker version of Animal Crossing, so this recommendation may be a no-brainer, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great choice! Both games are all about moving to your own small town and meeting the residents while you take care of the housework for more upgrades.

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Despite the comparisons, the games are quite different. While Cult of the Lamb focuses much more on customizing your town, Animal Crossing is all about customizing your home and simply being part of the town. On top of that, Animal Crossing is a much slower game that asks less of the player, perfect if you just want to kick back at the end of the day.

3/10 enter the armory

For a more action-based experience with some of the Cult of the Lamb silliness, Enter the Gungeon is an excellent Roguelike. Gungeon follows a strange but simple premise: there is an ancient temple on an alien world with living weapons and ammunition and a treasure at its heart: a weapon to kill the past. You venture out as one of several adventurers to correct your previous mistakes.

Gungeon is a frenetic top-down shooter that takes the term “bullet hell” more literally. You will constantly be going through intense firefights with cute creatures to progress deeper through the dungeon. The game has many different weapons to unlock and find, but in the end, Gungeon will require a high level of skill, so expect to spend many hours on this one.

2/10 spiritual traveler

For those who wish to learn more about the cultists as characters in depth, Spiritfarer is a beautiful experience to get lost in. In this game, you will find yourself standing in for Charon the ferryman, guiding the animal spirits to the true afterlife as they ponder. in their previous lives and come to terms with the ending.

The game focuses on sailing to gather objects and people, build your boat and keep your passengers happy and fulfill their requests. It keeps the player hooked on always having something new to collect, create, or watch at any given time, while also hitting them with a lovable cast of characters that will hit them when they have to say their goodbyes.

1/10 hell

For the other side of the coin, Hades is probably the biggest inspiration for the combat and dungeon crawling side of the game. You play as the son of Hades, Zagreus, as you travel through the Greek underworld, battling lost souls and battling mythological figures, all in hopes of escaping to the surface.

Hades is a sublime Roguelike with a wide range of weapons, many options and builds through races, and fun frantic and boss fights! On top of that, Hades manages to create a great narrative, even more so than Cult of the Lamb, with a beautiful story and lovable cast that you meet through each run. Definitely check out Hades for a more action-packed experience with the same heart.

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