10 games that were saved for updates and fixes

Video games will always have problems of some kind at launch. It can be a case of balancing certain overpowered characters or concepts or just fixing glitches and bugs. Game developers often recruit playtesters, but they can’t always expose all issues in time for release.

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Over the years, there have been several games that have had catastrophic launches. These can often be in online games that struggle when the servers are overloaded, but can be due to serious errors in judgment. However, what matters is what developers do in the face of adversity.

10/10 A Realm Reborn perfectly describes the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV it has one of the worst launches in gaming history, particularly when you consider how good the game would later become. Having been in development since 2005, it came as a shock to many when its 2010 release seemed completely unfinished and unrefined.

The original version was finally closed in November 2012 when they moved to the new version, 2.0. The massive staff review and ideas that went into fixing this game showed dedication and ultimately reaped the rewards. a kingdom reborn was certainly a suitable name to support the resurrection of Final Fantasy XIV.

9/10 Arcade Edition Made Street Fighter V The Product Fans Wanted

Needless to say Street Fighter is a franchise of great impact in the world of fighting games. so when street fighter v received mixed reviews upon its release, something was not quite right. Finally, two years after its initial release, the arcade edition was born.

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It was then sold as Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but was made available to those who already owned the original via a free downloadable update. The introduction of Arcade Mode and Extra Battle Mode helped appease those who had previously raised concerns about the game. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition came a year later with more improvements to gameplay and balance to convert street fighter v in an overall successful game.

8/10 Fans Forget About GTA Online’s Terrible Launch Due To Quick Fix And In-Game Compensation

the Grand Theft Auto The franchise has always been popular, with players enjoying chaos and general mayhem. Nevertheless, GTA V took the series to a whole new level with its sheer scale. GTA VThe story of focused on three characters instead of one, but this was only the beginning of what the game would achieve.

However, in its infancy, online gaming was a disaster. It was released two weeks after the main game, but most players were experiencing terrible connection difficulties. After two fix attempts and ten days, the major issues were fixed, and players now had a great game to get sucked into and receive $500,000 in in-game currency as an apology. As a result, gta online it has become Rockstar’s most successful multiplayer experience, and its early fights are often forgotten.

7/10 Joining the Battle Royale fun catapulted Fortnite to success

Yes Fortnite would never have joined the Battle Royale scene, the game would never have reached its lofty heights. Initially it was just the Save the world game, focusing on a cooperative player-versus-environment. While it had its moments, the large-scale PvP had a more substantial impact on its later release.

Epic quickly realized that they had a golden opportunity in Fortnite to capitalize on the buzz surrounding PUBGand they quickly became the competition. Fortnite since then it has achieved unprecedented popularity around the world.

6/10 Reaper Of Souls Helped Diablo III Reach Its Potential

After the success of devil ii, the third installment had a lot to accomplish, and after its release in 2012, it did not quite achieve it. It was by no means a bad game, but it required the Soul reaper expansion in 2014 to catapult it to the heights it was expected to reach.

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Loot was made balanced and more rewarding, and the update paved the way for the troublesome Auction House to be removed. This and much more helped to give life to Devil IIIhelping it become the genre-defining RPG that it was always meant to be.

5/10 Fallout 76 catastrophic release fixed with constant updates and additional content

Fallout 76 it will forever be a mark on the Bethesda record. It was billed as the ambitious online role-playing game. Fall that everyone was waiting for, but its launch in 2018 was a disaster. The lack of human NPCs damaged it considerably, but even what existed experienced numerous bugs and glitches. However, some players persevered, as there was still a fun experience to come.

the wild appalachian Y Nuclear winter The updates brought new additions to the game until 2019, but the addition of Wastelanders in 2020 he changed course. The most remarkable thing Wastelanders did for Fallout 76 was that it brought human NPCs into the world to make it feel more alive, despite its post-apocalyptic premise. There have been numerous additional updates since then, to the point that playing now will be a completely new and exciting experience from its original version.

4/10 No Man’s Sky needed a committed and passionate team to save it

While many games suffered at launch, few had it as bad as no man’s sky. Surrounded by excitement and expectation, no man’s sky it launched in 2016 and instantly impressed with its procedurally generated open universe. However, it was quickly exposed for being repetitive and not at all what was promised.

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Hello Games then invested everything they had in the project, and with the next update in 2018, the game was starting to look like the final product that had been promised. Since then, no man’s sky has met and exceeded expectations with stunning scenery and intriguing alien horrors. It’s still getting updates and improvements in 2022, and it’s coming to Switch in October.

3/10 Tom Clancy’s The Division needed updates to make it feel complete

tom clancy’s division was an online-only action role-playing game released in 2016 and an unprecedented success. Players would pick up the game and enjoy the experience with rave reviews. However, their problems came from those who had finished the game when they realized that there was simply nothing left to keep them there.

This was eventually fixed with future updates. Progression and difficulty scaling were treated accordingly, with players rewarded and motivated to play. The division is another example of companies benefiting from listening to their communities and acting on feedback.

2/10 Both Destiny and Destiny 2 needed future expansions to make them memorable.

When Bungie created Destiny in 2014, it was his next big hit after the success of the aura franchise. He created a lot of buzz with his online-only experience, but despite delivering a visually stunning experience at launch, his progression and story left a lot to be desired. The Taken King The expansion in 2015 was a breath of fresh air for the game and completely reinvigorated it.

Surprisingly, fate 2 it didn’t learn from its predecessor’s mistakes and would also have to be revived by a post-launch expansion. Once again, the third Destiny The expansion served as the game’s savior. Abandoned it shook up the gaming feel and fixed all the other issues players had previously had.

1/10 2022 has been a great year for the restoration of Cyberpunk 2077

Given the glowing reviews CD Projekt Red received for the witcher 3heaps of pressure and expectations were thrown on his next big project, cyberpunk 2077. It all looked great and exciting, but it just wasn’t ready when launch day came around. There were still plenty of great aspects, but the glitches and glitches marred the experience for many, ruining the overall reviews.

At the beginning of the year, patch 1.5 was released, which fixed most of the problems in the game and helped it to realize its potential. the edgerunners The update was released in September, capitalizing on the popularity of the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime, and brought with it the 1.6 patch update. cyberpunk 2077 he is moving well in the right direction, and out of the shadow cast by his premature release.

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