10 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

Troubleshooting iOS 16

Some users experience issues after updating to iOS 16 on an iPhone, and while it’s annoying, the good news is that they’re usually easy to fix.

From battery issues to feeling like an iPhone is hotter than usual, to slow performance, issues with the update installation itself, Wi-Fi issues, app crashes and other misbehavior , all iOS updates sometimes have hiccups for a select group of users. . Read on and let’s fix these issues so you can be using your iPhone as expected in no time.

Always back up your iPhone to iCloud or to a computer before performing software updates or troubleshooting tricks.

1: iOS 16 update not showing as available?

Is the iOS 16 update not even listed as available to you?

You first need to confirm that you have a compatible iPhone running iOS 16. If that checks out, then you’ll want to make sure your iPhone has an active internet connection.

Sometimes simply restarting the iPhone will allow the update to show as available as well.

2: iOS 16 stuck on “Prepare for update” or “Verify for update”, can’t install iOS 16 update

Maybe you can’t even start installing iOS 16 because the update is stuck at “Verify update” or “Prepare for update”? Usually, if these messages appear in the Software Update section, they will go away on their own, but it may take a few hours.

If a long time has passed and the update still does not proceed, you can also try restarting the iPhone by turning it off and on again, or by force restarting the device.

3: Do you see beta versions of iOS 16 instead of final versions?

If you participated in the iOS 16 beta program, you will continue to receive beta updates instead of final versions on iPhone.

You can leave the iOS 16 beta program to stop receiving beta updates on your device.

4: Apps crash after update to iOS 16

If apps are crashing after you’ve installed the iOS 16 update, the first thing you should do is update your apps.

Developers often need to update apps to be compatible with new versions of system software, and installing those updates can be critical to getting things to behave as expected.

Open App Store > your name > Go to “Updates” and choose “Update all” apps

5. iPhone battery drains faster with iOS 16

Many users report that iPhone is draining battery life faster with iOS 16. This is not uncommon and happens to many users after installing system software updates.

It’s usually a matter of patience as the iPhone completes tasks in the background and your battery life returns to normal. Try leaving the iPhone plugged in overnight for a night or two, it should resolve itself.

You can review more about how to fix iOS 16 battery issues here if you are interested.

6: iPhone is slow after updating to iOS 16

Performance issues are not unusual after installing system software updates on iPhones.

Like the battery issue mentioned above, the performance degradation usually resolves itself within a day or two after the iPhone has been plugged in and left unattended, such as overnight when charging.

iOS updates trigger many background tasks that reindex the device, iPhone data, photos, etc., but performance should return to normal within a few hours to a day or two.

7: iPhone is hot after installing iOS 16

Some users feel that their iPhone is hot to the touch after installing iOS 16. This often coincides with slow performance.

A warm iPhone usually indicates that the device is using a lot of resources, usually because it’s indexing data or performing background tasks. And, like the aforementioned battery and performance issues, if your iPhone feels hot to the touch, it will usually resolve itself by plugging it in and leaving it unattended for a few hours, up to a few days, as tasks are completed. in the background on the device.

8: iOS 16 could not be installed and now the iPhone/iPad does not work

If the iOS 16 update failed to install and your iPhone is now locked, go here to read what to do with a locked iPhone after a failed software update. This is very rare, fortunately.

9: Bluetooth problems with iOS 16

Occasionally Bluetooth connectivity fails after installing a software update, and iOS 16 is no exception.

First, you should try to restart the iPhone, which can solve the problem immediately.

You can also try forgetting and pairing the Bluetooth device again, which is a bit of a hassle, but tends to solve almost all Bluetooth issues with an iPhone. TO do this, go to Settings > Bluetooth > tap (i) on the Bluetooth device, select “Forget This Device”, and then go through the Bluetooth device setup process again.

10: Wi-Fi problems with iOS 16

Some iPhone users have noticed Wi-Fi issues after updating to iOS 16.

Simply restarting the iPhone can solve the wi-fi problems. Also, make sure the Wi-Fi network is active and online for other devices.

If all else fails, you can reset network settings on iPhone, but doing so will cause the device to forget network passwords, which is a bit annoying. Do this by going to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

If necessary, you can read more about troubleshooting and fixing iPhone Wi-Fi when not working here.

Misc iOS 16 Issues, Problems, Bugs

Some miscellaneous iOS 16 issues also include the following:

  • Some users report being constantly annoyed by an Allow Pasting pop-up alert, a bug that is resolved with the iOS 16.0.2 update
  • Some users are reporting that Siri doesn’t activate or hear properly when in a car running iOS 16, this is likely a bug that will be resolved in a software update
  • Be sure to check regularly for software updates for iOS 16, as Apple will frequently release bug fix updates to address obvious issues.

Did you experience any issues with iOS 16 on iPhone? What kind of problems did you encounter? Did the tips above help resolve those issues? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

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