10 captivating video games without dialogue

Like any art form, there are multiple ways video games can create atmosphere and story. From riveting dialogue to memorable visual designs, several games stick with players long after the credits roll.

Most video games use conversation between characters to tell a story along with the action that unfolds, but not all video games use or need to use dialogue to tell a story. There are quite a few successful games that didn’t do the talking at all, instead letting the environment and action drive things forward.


10 Another World (2018)Other worldwide promotional art.

Although the game industry has moved on to work primarily with 3D design, there are still successful games that use 2D design. Another worldotherwise known as Out of this worldis a good example of a successful 2D game that doesn’t need to use dialogue to tell its story.

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The story follows a young scientist named Lester Knight Chaykin who traverses space and time because of a nuclear experiment gone wrong. The game’s story is told using its gameplay, intriguing art style, and setting. The game also includes fighting aliens and solving certain puzzles, giving players a bit more of the already interesting story.

9 ABZÛ (2016)ABZÛ game.

Not all games need a lot of action and violence to make it a great video game. Some games can be relaxing and allow the player to explore the world they are in.

In ABZÛ, players will take on the role of a mysterious diver who has just woken up floating in the middle of the ocean and retrieves and restores two drones that will help players navigate as they dive into the depths of the ocean. The creators certainly tried their best to amaze gamers by adding beautiful colors, a relaxing atmosphere, and the look and movements of ocean wildlife. While it doesn’t have a distinct plot, it still tells the story of the players’ journey as they explore, discover, and interact with the things they find.

8 Unravel (2016)Unravel the game.

There are many fun and cute games with lots of talking characters to help the story progress. But for the Unravel game, there is no need to talk when playing as the busy Yarny.

Unravel is a physics-based puzzle platformer where players take on the role of Yarny as they work to mend broken bonds. Yarny’s mission is to fix them by using the thread at hand to fix the bows in clever and unique ways. The game uses its stunning graphics and Yarny’s journey to tell its heartwarming story that has captivated many gamers who have had the opportunity to play it. There is also a second game that is very similar to the first, which has received many good reviews.

7 Rhyme (2017)rhyming game.

Many puzzle games have vocal character interactions, while others do not. A game that has been able to tell its story without speaking is Frost.

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Players can explore the beautiful and dangerous world of Frost as they take on the role of a boy who finds himself on a mysterious island. As you explore, there are many wild animals to see, forgotten ruins, and a massive tower that players must travel to. Frost is a great example of visual storytelling as it uses all the necessary elements to make it work through the use of interactive puzzles, a unique art style, and beautiful scenery. Players will find themselves playing the game for hours.

6 Little Nightmares (2017)Nightmare gameplay.

Haunting games with a bit of horror can be great entertainment. Many of these horror games are based on stories with a lot of stressful content, like the game little nightmares.

little nightmares has dark visuals with some twisted looking characters that have a Alice: Return of Madness feel to them. His story has players confronting their childhood fears as they help Six escape from The Maw. Players will also encounter puzzles and have to outrun monsters that are chasing Six. The atmosphere and environment that the players will find themselves in will tie it all together as it adds to the already tense situations.

5 Hyper Light Tramp (2018)Hyper Light Drifter game mode.

It’s always fun to remember and play the classic 16-bit games. Some game developers still use that style to make their games, which adds a nostalgic touch and appeals to those who enjoy the classic style.

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For Hyperlight Drifter, the 16-bit game has lots of vibrant colors, different regions to explore, and lots of unique enemies to fight. The main character is known as Drifter. The Drifters are known as collectors of forgotten knowledge, and the main character of the story has a disease that he hopes to discover a way to help combat it as he travels through many regions and fights enemies that stand in his way.

4 LIMBO (2011)LIMBO game mode.

Some games are not as colorful and vibrant as others. Some are black and white with shades of gray mixed in and have a simplistic style that is both charming and effective, such is the case with the game. LIMBO.

LIMBO is one of those games that even non-horror fans can enjoy. The 2D game is a puzzle-platformer adventure that puts players in the shoes of a boy who travels through a mysterious dream world made of silhouettes to find out what happened to his sister. While its design is simple in terms of how the main character looks, it is a very unsettling world that players will have to travel through as they try to solve the puzzles and avoid traps and monsters that will kill the main character.

3 Ori and the Will of the Wisps (2020)Promotional image of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps.

Nintendo Switch has many games available for gamers to enjoy. Many great story-driven indie games are on Switch. So for those looking for a dialogue-free Switch game with an immersive story and beautiful graphics, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an excellent game to investigate.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps It has a beautiful setting and lovable characters with plenty of action to take part in as players take on a new challenge in the quest to unravel Ori’s destiny. The game also has many challenging puzzles and enemies that the player will encounter. The game’s graphics, atmosphere, characters and gameplay create a wonderful and fun experience.

two Flower (2013)Flower set.

There are many other games that provide relaxing gameplay similar to the game. ABZÛ. I like it ABZÛThese games are also simplistic in their plot and have a lot of beautiful graphics added to them.

The game Flower It has a simple story. The story revolves around the player navigating through daydreams of potted flowers, each level consisting of different landscapes. To do this, the player takes on the appearance of a trail of flowers floating in the wind. Its simplistic premise works well as the game uses its beautiful graphics and unique gameplay to tell the story.

1 INSIDE (2016)

Like the ones above, many non-dialogue games are often horror-based. Not always, but many are, and if there is a game that could be considered a good combination of LIMBO Y little nightmaresits INSIDE.

INSIDE It provides the players with a tense situation while playing as the boy who is alone and being chased. There are plenty of challenging puzzles and an ambient soundtrack that adds a bit more tension to the already haunting atmosphere. This dark, narrative-driven platformer will put players on edge as they try to avoid getting caught and dying in horrible ways.

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