10 Best FPS Games You Can Play In VR, Ranked

As all avid gamers in 2022 know, VR is an abundant breeding ground for some of the most visceral first-person shooters on the market. Between the spatial movement and the immersive first-person perspective that allows players to act vicariously as the character, intense gunfights have never felt more harrowing or realistic.

Although there is no shortage of FPS titles on the market, only a few truly elevate your gaming experience through their distinct storylines and corresponding VR technology. From popular games likeThe Walking Dead Ydemonic resident even the lesser known titles, the best of the bunch offer totally engaging gameplay like few others.


10 Population: One

For those who want to experience a virtual reality. Fortnite, Population: One is a great place to start. The easy-to-play, accessible Battle Royale game follows teams of three who jump onto a giant open-world map and start shooting each other in a fight to the finish.

Since there aren’t many complicated quests or stories, it’s a great introduction for players who simply want to focus on fighting their way through as many enemies as possible. With endless updates and limited-time events to keep players engaged, the beloved 2020 battle royale game also features advanced climbing motion controls and a truly immersive flight function that transcends most FPS VR games in the world. market.

9 bones

For VR gamers looking to do more than just fight to the death in a battle royale environment, bones is an ideal FPS to take on. The game finds players trapped in a surreal laboratory environment where hostile robots have gone rogue, forcing them to fight their way through enemies and solve a series of maddening puzzles to escape safely. The only real downside is that it’s single player.

Thanks to its completely physics-based mechanics that allow players to control the entire body of the protagonist and react to the physical environment, bones it also breaks away from the FPS VR pack with its amazing Arena mode that allows players to play with the melee physics of VR controls, which they can reapply to the main campaign. bones it also boasts one of the most brutal and comprehensive arsenals of any FPS VR game.

8 Elite VR Sniper

One of the most exciting FPS games to try includes Elite VR Sniper, a game set in World War II and built exclusively for VR. Players control a skilled marksman who shoots enemies one precise shot at a time, with the visceral slow-motion effect coming to mind. Matrix‘s bullet time technology amplified to the most advanced standards.

With 18 playable missions to keep players busy for hours on end, Elite VR Sniper is one of the slickest games to feature the PSVR Aim Controller, and thanks to its incredible kill cam rebuilt for the VR display, no game has ever made gamers feel more like a real WWII sniper. Of course, those looking to do more than just pick off enemies from afar can find more expansive FPS VR games.

7 Ghost: Covert Ops

For players who prefer to remain as stealthy as possible when facing mobs of armed enemies, Ghost: undercover operations is one of the most unique and acclaimed FPS VR titles out there. Players control a secret agent tasked with infiltrating hostile enemy territory and completing a series of missions, allowing players to decide for themselves how quiet and cunning they want to be.

Keeping one’s true identity hidden at all times is paramount, adding additional tension and suspense to an already visceral environment of abject gunplay. With impeccable graphics, engaging storylines and great immersive value, Ghost: covert operations Is essential Obligations with a much greater emphasis on stealth. However, as bones, the single player mode leaves a lot to be desired compared to some of the more popular multiplayer FPS VR games.

6 The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Doubling as a fully immersive RPG and FPS alike, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners it remains one of the most impressive virtual reality gaming experiences. The terrifying and oft-forgotten zombie FPS may not feature the most relentless action or intense firefights, but the compelling story and deft weapon handling are second to none. It’s no surprise that the game was nominated for Best VR/AR Title in 2020.

As players control The Tourist and wander through a zombie-infested New Orleans, they must reach the Reservation while surviving an onslaught of deadly attacks. For survival horror fans who have always had a twisted fantasy about taking on the zombie apocalypse, saints and sinners It’s the closest thing to real life Living Dead experience there may be.

5 VR Supershot

Thanks to its minimalist aesthetic and unique tick-tock dynamics that cause time to advance only when a player does, VR Supershot is one of the most satisfyingly original FPS to play in virtual reality. The feature slows down time and allows players to visualize their opponent’s moves before they happen, allowing them to aim with pinpoint accuracy.

Aside from the unforgettably impressive slow motion feature, super shot It features one of the most captivating VR designs with its simple, smooth yet surreal animation style that has very few bugs and graphical glitches. Whether it’s hiding, crouching, dodging, rolling on the ground, or rolling like a barrel, VR Supershot features some of the most exciting and urgent first-person shootouts ever recorded.

4 Ahead

An early release drawing favorable comparisons to the popular free-to-play FPS. Battlefield, forward is easily one of the most riveting VR experiences in 2022. The military simulator pits 10 players divided into teams of 2 against each other in an epic all-out war in a VR multiplayer arena that’s perfect for playing online with friends and family.

What the game may lack in detailed graphics, it more than makes up for with its tactical strategy that requires players to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents rather than simply gun them down. With excellent gunplay and realistic gameplay to go along with the expanded community-generated content, Ahead is a highly playable FPS VR game with much more versatility than many of its competitors.

3 pistol whip

Unlike the slow-motion effects featured in super shot Y Sniper Elite VR Gun Whip increases the breakneck pace to make players feel like john wick instead of Neo, leading to one of the most relentlessly immersive and hyper-violent FPS to play in VR. However, what really sets the game apart are the rhythm-based mechanics that turn the game into an even more lively VR version. beat saber either kicker

Whether shooting enemies to the beat of the music or spellbound by the colorful hypnotic tracks, pistol whip is an outrageously fun sensory VR gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of what a first-person shooter can be. The best part? In-game walkthroughs are performed automatically for the player, leaving them to simply focus on aiming mastery.

two Resident Evil 4 VR

One of the most popular horror based FPS games in history took VR technology to a whole new level in Resident Evil 4 VR, a universally acclaimed experience for all FPS completionists to try. Despite cumbersome QTEs and fairly easy boss battles, 90% of the game is pure, unadulterated first-person VR heaven. Or heck, in the case of a viral zombie outbreak invading Earth.

With puzzling puzzles, polished graphics, mechanical improvements made to the original, and an unparalleled amount of interactivity, players can explore some of the scariest horror scenarios and control every fiber of Leon’s being, whether it’s throwing grenades, manually reloading firearms , stabbing enemies in 360 degrees and more. As such, RE:4VR was named the best VR/AR game at the 2021 Game Awards.

1 Half Life: Alyx

Named Best VR/AR Winner at the 2020 Game Awards, Half Life: Alyx is the best FPS VR game, and it’s not particularly close. With a Metascore of 93 to boot, the game is a Half life sequel created specifically for VR and features more comprehensive verisimilitude than any competitor. As such, it has been recognized as the first VR killer app.

Guiding Alyx and her father through a harrowing police state to thwart the evil alien Combine, players experience full-room-scale, deeply interactive dynamics without getting dizzy. Specifically for shooting, the intelligent VR design keeps all firearms locked in one hand, giving players the freedom to use their entire body to take cover in combat at once.

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