1 Toho Monster Fits Perfectly Into Godzilla vs Kong 2’s Mystery Villain Tease

A Toho monster is perfect for Godzilla vs Kong 2 mockery of the villain After their fight with Mechagodzilla, the two Titans are expected to team up once against an unrevealed foe. Legendary Pictures has yet to confirm who Godzilla and Kong will face next, but a recently released synopsis dropped a major clue.

It looks like Godzilla and Kong’s upcoming MonsterVerse adventure will tie directly into the setting of the last film, which revealed the hidden world of the Hollow Earth and relocated Kong to the home of his ancestors. The untitled sequel has been confirmed to deal directly with the MonsterVerse lore established in Godzilla vs. Kong exploring the mystery of the ancient War of the Titans, the origins of monsters and Skull Island. And according to the new synopsis, the story will force Godzilla and Kong to fight.a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, defying its very existence, and ours..” Based on that provocation, it is evident that Godzilla vs Kong 2 the villain is a secret resident of the Hollow Earth from the MonsterVerse.


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Godzilla vs Kong 2 the villain could be any of the few monsters in Toho’s library, but only one matches this description in a way that wouldn’t require its origin to be reworked. The kaiju in question is none other than Megalon, the cockroach-like monster who teamed up with Gigan in a fight against Godzilla and Jet Jaguar in Godzilla vs Megalon. In the 1973 film, Megalon was introduced as an underground kaiju and the champion of an underground civilization known as Seatopia. As the only Godzilla villain known to live in a secret underground world, Megalon feels tailor-made for a MonsterVerse installment, particularly Godzilla vs Kong 2.

Is it Megalon Godzilla against the villain of Kong 2?

Megalon is an excellent combination for Godzilla vs Kong 2 The mystery villain makes the monster a notable candidate for the role, but he’s still not necessarily a favorite. After all, the kaiju is a low-key villain in the Godzilla franchise whose only live-action role was in an oft-derided Showa-era movie for kids. That being the case, Megalon may not be the most lucrative option compared to other candidates, such as SpaceGodzilla and Gigan. With their fearsome reputations and menacing designs, the two may be more attractive options.

SpaceGodzilla and Gigan don’t fit the villainous taunt quite as well as Megalon, but they could theoretically be introduced into the MonsterVerse as alien titans who entered the Hollow Earth thousands of years ago. EITHER, Godzilla vs Kong 2 The antagonist could simply be an original Titan disconnected from any existing Toho monster. As for Megalon, he doesn’t have the best chance of joining the MonsterVerse, but he shouldn’t be completely ruled out. Given a significant upgrade that makes good use of its drill-like hands and rhinoceros-beetle qualities, Megalon could be reimagined as a full-scale threat to the MonsterVerse’s Titans.

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